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“As long as there are human beings on this planet, there will be a demand for wood, pulp, and other forest resources, and there will be businesses that endeavour to meet that demand. The only realistic way to conserve our forests is to apply sustainable forest management practices.” Rainforest Alliance

Riparian planting – Planting next to rivers and streams

Scottish Forestry is keen to see more riparian woodland, which is essentially planting trees along rivers and streams. Riparian planting

A83 drone seeding underway

An estimated 20 million birch seeds have been scattered on the hillside above the A83 thanks to the use of

Tigercat Silviculture Carrier

The 630H Tigercat silviculture carrier replaces modified ag tractors with a purpose built carrier to pull mounding and plow implements

Aerial Seeding

Aerial seeding done by drone on the A83 at the Rest and be Thankful An estimated 20 million birch seeds

Boyd Plant Hire

Talking about forest roads to anyone involved in timber harvesting or timber haulage, gets a similar reaction to someone waving

Forestry funds open to boost biodiversity and futureproof forests against pests, diseases and climate change 

£4m funding will enable innovative projects to enhance tree planting stocks and woodland resilience to help meet Government net zero

Productive tree species have invaluable role in biodiversity

Productive tree species have invaluable role in improving UK’s woodland biodiversity urges Confederation of Forest Industries Productive tree species have

Sweden’s Forests have increased

Sweden’s forests have doubled in size over the last 100 years Sweden is a land of trees. More than 70% of

Trees and woodlands provide over £400m each year in fight against flooding, new study finds

Woodlands worth over £400m million annually in protecting communities from flooding, new research reveals Trees and woodlands have long been

John Deere Unveils Exactshot

Everything we do at John Deere is focused on real purpose and real impact. This means we’re developing technology like

Confederation of Forest Industries calls on Sunak government to urgently accelerate tree planting to help achieve Net Zero target 

Afforestation and reforestation are critical to help meet the UK’s climate targetsUK witnessing rapid decline of CO2 absorption rates as

Crofters invited to Highland tree growing event

Crofters and farmers in the west Highlands who are considering growing trees as part of their business are being invited

Get free trees from the Woodland Trust and join hundreds of thousands of people in helping wildlife and fighting climate change

The Woodland Trust has ambitious plans to break its record annual giveaway of more than 1.3m free trees to schools

Farmers to help Wales reach Net Zero

Welsh Government pledges an extra £32m for tree planting Minister for Climate Change Julie James has today announced £32m for

Tubex to demonstrate the future of tree protection at APF 2022

Tubex to demonstrate the future of tree protection at APF 2022 Tubex, which is sponsoring the show, will be showcasing

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