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“As long as there are human beings on this planet, there will be a demand for wood, pulp, and other forest resources, and there will be businesses that endeavour to meet that demand. The only realistic way to conserve our forests is to apply sustainable forest management practices.” Rainforest Alliance

48 Million Tree Seedlings Planted

Stora Enso plants more than 48 million tree seedlings in Nordic forests in 2021 It is the busiest time of

Saudi Arabia to plant 10 billion trees

World’s biggest oil exporter also announces plans to generate half of its energy from renewable sources over the next decade



This robot could help plant 1 trillion trees

Conservationists say we need to plant one trillion trees to help slow climate change.Now a robot forester has been developed

Autoplant, autonomous tree planting machine

Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, together with the forest industry and researchers, will invest 20 million SEK (approx. 2 million EURO)

500 hectare planting boost for England’s Community Forests

·  Over 500 hectares of trees will be planted in ten Community Forests over the next five months thanks to new

New funding for tree planting welcome

but large forests are needed to hit planting target Confor has welcomed the latest confirmation that the UK Government is

Planting in the Borders

S Richardson Contracting Limited – A Ground Breaking Company The planting programme for new forests and woodlands in the UK

Tree Planting Targets

UK GOVERNMENT URGED TO PUT TREE PLANTING TARGETS INTO LEGISLATION Tree Planting targets should be enshrined in legislation to display

Forestry grants

Forestry grants to grow forestry and farm businesses Scottish Forestry is making over £2 million available to tree nurseries, small forestry

Lord Goldsmith, We need to hit Planting Targets

Lord Goldsmith calls for colossal endeavour to hit planting target Forestry Minister Lord Goldsmith has urged farmers and landowners to

Consultation launched

Consultation launched on the England Tree Strategy Government consults on plans to update its policy for trees, woodland and forestry

Automating tree seed planting and propagation

An innovative prototype system for automating tree seed planting and propagation has been hailed as a saviour for Scotland’s tree

UPM to double the amount of broadleaved trees growing in its forests

UPM has newly adopted the target of doubling the amount of broadleaved trees growing in company-owned forests in Finland. In the light

Stora Enso

Stora Enso’s planting season is in full speed: more than 41 million tree seedlings will be planted in 2020 In

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