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3rd August 2022
Various Harvesting Methods


Harvesting is a general term for cutting, processing, and extracting timber from stump to roadside ready for transporting to wood processing plants. Managed harvesting systems do not in any way resemble the devastation caused by illegal or unmanaged logging systems. Logging practices vary from large-scale commercial timber plantations to individuals harvesting fuelwood.

“As long as there are human beings on this planet, there will be a demand for wood, pulp, and other forest resources, and there will be businesses that endeavour to meet that demand. The only realistic way to conserve our forests is to apply sustainable forest management practices.” Rainforest Alliance

Black Bruin Showcased at Swedish Expo


Shear Brilliance

As our forests mature and trees increase in height and girth, they become susceptible to damage from extreme windstorms. Storm

Tigercat 612 Series: New Niche Skidder

Introducing the Tigercat 612 dual winch skidder. It is specially designed to operate in selective harvesting applications, extracting high value

Kesla increases nave drive options

Kesla brings nave drive to the smallest tractor forest trailers Kesla Oyj is a Finnish manufacturer of truck cranes, logging

John Deere’s New IHC

John Deere’s Intelligent Harvester Head Control John Deere’s new Intelligent Harvester Head Control (IHC) facilitates harvesting and improves delimbing quality.

New Dual Winch Skidder

Introducing the 612 dual winch skidder. It is specially designed to operate in selective harvesting applications, extracting high value timber

UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT: Komatsu 875 with 11,000 hours

Timber harvesting has to be one of the most challenging professions out there! Cut-throat contract prices, slow payments, staff shortages,


Logset is delighted to announce the new official colours for the machines. Last Year, Logset celebrated their 30th anniversary. For

Eco Log´s forwarders in the small segment

Last week Eco Log announced that it’s range of small forwarders will be discontinued in its present execution (Eco Log

John Deere Introduces New Mid-Size Model to Its Line-Up of Crawler Log Loaders

The new 2956G offers optimal horsepower and hydraulic capability. Designed for logging contractors of all sizes, John Deere is excited

Eco Log ceases production of their small “Gremo” forwarder range

The Gremo name officially came to an end on the 17th of April 2020 when the company was acquired by

Ponsse’s 19,000th forest machine completed at Vieremä factory

On 17 February, the 19,000th PONSSE forest machine was handed over to Scottish long-term customer Elliot Henderson Ltd, with the

Waratah Forestry Equipment marks 50th anniversary

Waratah Forestry thanks its loyal customers  Waratah Forestry Equipment is celebrating 50 years of innovation within the forestry industry and thanking its

Timbeter nominated for award

Timbeter from Estonia has been officially unveiled as one of the top 9 nominees to DIGITALEUROPE’s Future Unicorn Award 2023,

Improved measurement calibration

The calibration of the diameter and length measuring is improved, using a new method to secure better statistical data and
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