The Keto-150 Karate harvesting head been developed as a multifunction harvester head suitable for treating large trees in mountain forests for 14 – 15 ton base machines.

Wide opening grippers (1100mm) integrated on feed tracks for wood bunches.

The traction of the Karate-series is strong thanks to the 5-row track.

Karate-machines can be equipped with a Karate-accumulator system. The system controls hydraulic oil flow and pressure is more accurate according to the needs of the various work stages. The system is helping in low-power chassis machines where Karate-system gives additional power to the most demanding work stages.

Karate has one fixed and three movable knives.

Due to the spacious structure, daily maintenance is easy to perform.

As an option, we offer the latest technology for harvester use. Equipping your Keto-harvester with a 360 ° -rotator ensures efficient and accessible work.


  • Height in felling position1116 mm
  • Height in processing position2243 mm
  • Width in open position1434 mm
  • Width in closed position1078 mm
  • Length in processing position1419 mm
  • Depth in felling position1698 mm
  • Weight1002 kg
  • Felling diameter550 mm
  • Delimbing diameter450 mm
  • Delimbing knives4
  • Maximum working pressure250 bar
  • Recommended pump capacity220 l/min
  • Saw bar length25″
  • Feeder typeTrack
  • Feed force24 kN
  • Maximum tree weight1300 kg
  • Maximum feed speed4 m/s
  • Engine power of base machine80 kW

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