Tiny homes make a big difference to veterans and elderly in need

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10th January 2022
Operation Tiny Home

During the 2020 wildfire season, an estimated nine million acres burned up and down the West Coast. Countless families lost their homes. Some of the more fortunate had the means to rebuild on their own, but many were left needing help. Nearly two years later, local organizations continue to roll up their sleeves to aid those who need it most.

Operation Tiny Home is dedicated to assisting people struggling with housing, with a particular emphasis on veteran outreach. Lumber and panel donations from Roseburg’s Dillard Lumber and Riddle Plywood locations have allowed the construction of two such homes already, with two more homes in the works.

The first of the four 35’ tiny homes was completed in early July of 2021 and now houses a veteran who lost everything in the fires. The second home, completed in early December 2021, supports a veterans organization that works to help those struggling with homelessness due to service-related trauma and PTSD. Using the remainder of the donated Roseburg product, the final two homes will support retired and elderly families also displaced by wildfires who are struggling to rebuild their lives after their devastating losses. Each home is custom designed to support the specific needs of its beneficiary. Each build is intended to be a long-term permanent housing solution and includes all of the amenities of a full-size house.

For 85 years, Roseburg has invested in the health of the communities where we operate. Our commitment to making lives better from the ground up means that Roseburg lends a hand when our communities need it. Because of this, supporting the work of Operation Tiny Home was a natural choice when our team members looked for ways to help with the recovery efforts.

“Operation Tiny Home gained my attention through the people they are striving to support: the homeless, our veterans, and families impacted by the wildfires in the area,” said Riddle Plywood Plant Manager Jeremy Fugate. “This organization not only helps those in need in our local community, but helps provide training to develop skills that help people get back on their feet. Operation Tiny Home and Roseburg are closely aligned in our drive to Make Lives Better from the Ground Up.”

Operation Tiny Home Inside

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Kelly White, Plant Manager of Dillard Lumber agreed: “The alignment of values was clear. This organization recognizes the importance of helping people to help themselves with opportunities to learn applicable skills, while improving their quality of life. Creating a situation where there is light at the end of the tunnel for people that have lost everything, for whatever reason, is a true blessing. This project is designed to give people hope that there is a brighter future.”

About Roseburg Gives Back

Roseburg aims to be not just in communities, but part of them. The Roseburg Gives Back committee reviews requests from community organizations for donations and sponsorships throughout the year. These organizations meet important community needs and operate within Roseburg communities. Through Roseburg Gives Back, the company supports local education and youth development, human services, cultural growth and community development. Because each facility also has a local giving budget, donations are sometimes given on a matching basis.


About Operation Tiny Home

Operation Tiny Home is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit that assists people struggling with housing instability and homeless to maintain a life of dignity through high-quality tiny housing solutions and empowerment training programs. For more information, visit operationtinyhome.org.


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