Rottne Spare Part Kits

“We listen, and take into account our customers’ wishes”

To facilitate work in the forest, Rottne Industri AB has developed two spare parts kits that are now available for immediate delivery. These are a Field Hose Kit for Rottne EGS harvester heads and a Fogmaker Montage Kit for the North American market.

Regardless of the job, Rottne Industri works constantly on innovations and to improve its products and the working environment for both operators and entrepreneurs. The latest in a long line of smart solutions are two spare parts kits specially adapted for the aftersales market, one for harvesters and one for forwarders.

“Several requests from customers got us started with these projects and now we’re really happy to be launching them”, says Thommy Eriksson, spare parts manager for the company.

The Hose Kit is adapted for Rottne’s own three EGS harvester heads (EGS 406, EGS 596 and EGS 706), for Rottne H8D, Rottne H11D and Rottne H21D. The hoses are packed in a practical, reinforced wooden box that can be placed in a car, at a service point or at a work site out in the forest.

“Hoses can break and it’s important to be able to replace them quickly. The box consists of mixed hose lengths, all adapted for Rottne’s own three harvester heads. This is a kit that will really minimise downtime if an accident happens.”

Fire safety is an important factor in the forest machinery industry. So Rottne Industri has also developed a Fogmaker Montage Kit, adapted for forwarders in the North American market. This is a complete kit, which can be retrofitted to older machines to supplement the fire extinguishing system.

“Brackets, hoses, screws, nuts, solenoid valves, nozzles and couplings, etc. Simply everything that forms part of the detector loop is included in the kit. And it is all adapted to Rottne’s original machines, Rottne F10D and Rottne F11D”, says Thommy Eriksson.

The next machine that will get a similar solution is the Rottne H8D. The goal is, however, to equip all Rottne’s machine models with similar solutions. The kit contains everything already mounted on new machines by Rottne, except for the tubes, which must be mounted on site for safety reasons.

“The market in North America has understood fire safety and extinguishing systems and, thanks to our new kit, our customers can easily supplement their older machines with this safety device”.

Both spare parts kits are now available for immediate delivery from Rottne’s factory in Sweden. Smart and practical kits that improve, simplify and ensure a productive and safe working day out in the forest.

“In this industry, safety and trouble-free operation are essential. We listen to our customers and take into account their needs. It feels really great that we can now deliver these practical spare part kits”, says Thommy Eriksson

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