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Day 21 – PONSSE

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Ponsse Plc is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rubber wheel cut-to-length forest machines.Ponsse has grown from a machine entrepreneur’s dream to become an international export company with operations in 40 different countries.

The ownership of this Finnish listed company is still in the same hands, and its operations are guided by the same family company values as when it was founded. The company’s production, R&D and administration are located in Vieremä, Finland – in the same place as 40 years earlier.

A Long History In The Development Of Cut-To-Length Machines

Einari Vidgrén, the founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, was born to a small farmer’s family in North Savo and began working at a logging site at the age of 14 in 1957. Vidgrén started forest work equipped with only a frame saw, but eventually became one of the most successful machine entrepreneurs in Finland at the age of 27 and employed 25 loggers. However, the machines used suffered from durability problems and in 1969 Vidgrén developed a load-carrying forest tractor for his own use in a local village workshop. He named the forwarder Ponsse, after a crossbreed courser dog which roamed the village. Ponsse was first used at the logging site of a forest company Tehdaspuu, and after a year of use Tehdaspuu asked for more of the same kind of forwarders. This feedback encouraged forest machine contractor Vidgrén to establish a forest machine plant in Vieremä. With a one-vote majority, the municipal council decided to build an industrial plant to be leased to the machine entrepreneur EinariVidgrén. The plant was completed at the end of 1970 and Ponsse Oy was established. The first forest machine intended for serial production was a PAZ forwarder. Difficulties and setbacks characterised the early years of the plant. Despite tight money and the difficulty of obtaining a loan, the plant developed and there was enough work for the machines as well as the staff

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A breakthrough in the evolution of forest machines took place in the 1980s. Ponsse became renowned to competitors and customers alike in a single dramatic step in 1983 when it introduced the legendary Ponsse S15 forwarder. Built partly from aluminium, the machine’s chassis made it significantly lighter than its competitors’ chassis, putting it in a class of its own for cross-terrain performance. Another significant milestone in Ponsse’s history was reached in 1986 when the first harvester head H520 was introduced. It marked an important step in the expansion of the product family from forwarders to harvesting machines as well.

The Finnish quality is rewarded in 1994 when Ponsse became the first ISO 9001-certified forest machine manufacturer in the world. This led to an intensified machine development work and an expansion of the plant. In the 1990s the product range expanded and Ponsse Opti, an advanced measurement and information system for forest machines was launched on the market. Ponsse was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, and founded subsidiaries in Sweden, the United States, France and the United Kingdom.

inari Vidgrén, the founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of PONSSE

Ponsse has continued its journey successfully from decade to decade and continent to continent. By now, Ponsse has manufactured over 15,000 environmentally friendly cut-to-length forest machines and is one of the developers and manufacturers of the most advanced forest machine technology solutions in the world. The 15,000th PONSSE was manufactured at the new factory opened two years ago. It was the most significant investment in the company’s history at nearly EUR 40 million. The significant investment in the future has proved its worth along the way towards continuous development. The amount of testing and quality control has increased considerably. For example, the factory features an optical 3D scanning unit, representing the latest technology, to inspect all forest machine structures at extreme precision and ensure that all structures meet their quality requirements. At the same time, the factory has been modernised in terms of eco-friendliness and ergonomics. Flexible working methods enable the broadest product range in the markets and reactions to changing market needs. Soon, the 1,000th PONSSE Scorpion, the flagship of the model range, will exit the production line.

From where it all started 50 years ago. The oldest still-operational forest machine factory in Finland forms the core of Ponsse’s production.

Fully Committed To Its Customer And The Forest – Since 1970

The company’s values and operating methods are based on the original principles of its founder Einari Vidgrén. The customer has always been the starting point for Ponsse’s operations: all innovations are associated with how customers value them and how they can benefit from them in their own operations. Ponsse offers its customers comprehensive harvesting solutions so that the harvesting entrepreneur’s operations would be productive. Ponsse has long experience in the manufacturing and development of cut-to-length forest machines, and we continually support our customers, even through the most difficult times.

Ponsse is committed to serving its customers in all its market areas:

  • We are a reliable, long-term partner to our customers. We work close to our customers and always in their best interest.
  • With our advanced products and services, we support the profitability of entrepreneurs and we continuously develop ourselves based on customer needs.

Ponsse is a pioneer of cut-to-length harvesting – and at home in the forest!


Day 21 – 24 Days Of Christmas

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