Below you will find a selection of features and trials from Forest Machine Magazine. We hope that you enjoy reading them. Forest Machine Magazine is written, owned and edited by a forest professional with over 40 years hands on experience. That’s what makes the magazine one of the leading publications in the industry.

We cover all aspects of forestry, from ground preparation through to the end product. Visiting harvesting sites, contractors, hauliers, and timber processing plants keeps us abreast of all the latest news and technology. Our team of professional operators carry out product testing of the latest accessories and equipment to improve workers safety and offer honest and unbiased reviews.


Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd

Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd have always been focused on firewood, timber conversion and forestry machinery. A 30 acre site at Claywood

Sebastian Økern Holmsen

Logging, Life and Liverpool FC Norway has a population of over 5 million and 37% forest cover, which increases year

Eastman Forest Products Inc

Every logging crew has its own story, and the crew that moves the wood at Eastman Forest Products, Inc. is


Pushing its requirement to drastically reduce the local emissions of its vehicles ever further, PEUGEOT has become one of the very

Liddle Forestry: A Cut Above

Forest Machine Magazine visits Kielder forest to catch up with Stu Liddle of Liddle Forestry who has a team of

Wood-Mizer LT15 At Work With Log Homes

The Wood-Mizer LT15/MP100 combination is growing quite popular among log home builders, timber framers, and anyone supplying high quality beams

Synne Henriksen: Logging In Norway

Whenever I think of commercial forestry, Sweden and Finland are normally the first places that spring to mind. This is

KockUps With A Kockums

In 1986 I successfully tendered for a harvesting contract in North West Wales from the Forestry Commission. It was a

Tackling Ash Dieback

Tackling Ash Dieback with Westtech Woodcracker Tree Shears – Hymenoscyphus fraxineas – Ash Dieback – is a fungal disease causing

ALWAYS READY: Recovering Sunken Treasure

De-bogging Forwarder Just like the fire brigade, Arto Vuorijärvi from Kauhava and his shiny red Scania lorry loaded up with

A 5800BT Horizontal Grinder For Van Brunt

Van Brunt Transport offers a variety of hauling and material processing services throughout southeastern Michigan. They’ve been in business for

Long Poles Require Purpose-Built Trucks

Lars Persson Åkeri specialises in the transport of long power and telephone poles which requires purpose-built trucks. In Alucar, the

A Brief History Of Agrip

While visiting the Euroforest Show in France a couple of years ago I came across a stall that had quite

Welte W130, A David among Goliaths

The young sole proprietor Florian Buder from Garsten is the proud owner of a new compact Welte W130 harvester. It

Ponsse Ergo Harvester Report

Today’s harvesters are all very capable machines and all do a great job of harvesting the timber that this country
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Below you will find some of the products we have tested. Our testers are all independent and work within the industry and offer honest and unbiased feedback.

ValFast & ValFix Spindle Wedges

Josef Strobl, a professional timber faller from Bavaria in Southern Germany, has developed several products to improve the productivity and

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid on trial

RJ Fukes Forestry Services are the UK and Irish distributors for the full range of Logset equipment and have recently

Product testers wanted

Product testers for new 3/4″ Harvester Guide Bar’s and Chains Wanted We are looking for testers in the UK to

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid Trials

In the June issue of Forest Machine Magazine read about the first UK trials that we carried out with the

Measuring wheel trial continues.

Peter Williamson Jnr has been trialling the Z30 SC measuring wheel from Balmec Forestfor the last four months with positive


The German made TR30AQ felling wedge is a felling wedge driven by a threaded spindle. It is made of aluminium

Treemans Jack Trial

There has been a great deal of progress made with felling aids in recent years. Forest Machine Magazine (FMM) has

Trialing the Z30 SC measuring wheel from Balmec Forest Oü

In December I had a follow up visit with Peter Williamson for an update on the progress of the Balmec

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