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Black Bruin, a manufacturer of hydraulic motors, rotators and control systems, is launching a new load in-load rotator with 10 t lifting capacity. Their aim is to provide forest machine and timber crane manufacturers with more choice and at the same time strengthen their position as a comprehensive supplier of rotators.

Black Bruin will bring a new product alongside harvester and load rotators based on the market’s leading radial mechanical engineering when it launches at Proforest on 24 November.

VRF3010 load in rotator.

VRF3010 is a cost-effective alternative for timber trucks, tractors and other general cargo handling.

“We have been manufacturing rotators for leading forest machine and timber crane manufacturers since the 1970s. In addition to heavy-duty harvester and timber lorries, our product portfolio has lacked an option that meets the needs of machine builders and contractors in the 10t lifting capacity class.

We are now responding to customer feedback and filling this market gap, where there is clearly demand,” says Rauno Riihiaho, Sales Manager at Black Bruin.

VrF3010 is a load in-load rotator with 10 t lifting capacity and 3300 Nm torque, where bearing and sealing solutions for improving load bearing capacity and durability have been introduced from the harvester shaker products family.

The rotator can be equipped with Black Bruin’s strong slat brakes, which allow the operator to adjust the swing attenuation to their liking to enhance the loading work. The brakes keep the adjustment well and are protected from external stresses and wear resistant, keeping the braking force constant throughout the long service life.

VrF3010’s interface surfaces and pendant and brake range are equivalent to a BBR 15F load rattle with lifting capacity.

Strength of agility and service spirit

Agility and service spirit are the greatest assets of the privately owned and medium-sized Black Bruin. Continuous development work is carried out based on customer needs and the company aims to be the most sought-after supplier of hydraulic uses.

During the COVID pandemic, the above benefits have become more pronounced as market demand for hydraulic components has been at a very high level. The delivery times for components and raw materials have set their own challenges for production, but so far, fortunately, bigger problems have been avoided.

“We have been able to react relatively well to the changing situation, and our delivery time has remained reasonable compared to our competitors,” continues Sales Manager Riihiaho.

A comprehensive partner in the forest sector

In addition to rotators, Black Bruin Oy designs and manufactures hydraulic motors and control systems for mobile machinery and industrial transmission targets.

The products are widely used in various applications in the forest sector, such as the transmission of driving power to forestry machinery and harvester roller motors for auxiliary power transfer of forest trailers, soldering doors and accompaniment machines.

Engines based on radial command technology are at best high efficiency and torque in demanding applications. The product range covers engines from small 400 cm3 models to large industrial engines of more than 20,000 cm3.

In addition to the new VRF3010 load rotator, you will find us at the Proforest Trade Fair in section B53 where you will find our comprehensive display of other products designed for the forestry sector needs.

Black Bruin

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