Black Bruin

Black Bruin is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radial piston-cam lobe hydraulic motors and rotators for mobile and industrial applications.

Black Bruin radial piston hydraulic motors and rotators are based on a Finnish invention and over 60 years of experience in the field of radial piston cam ring technology and working tirelessly in a wide variety of mobile and industrial power transmission applications. 

Logging in Finland began to shift from horses and floating to timber trucks in the 1950s. The combination of heavy loads and poor roads led to the need for increased pulling power. Responding to this demand, Finnish engineer Ilmari Louhio (1919-2015) developed the hydraulic SISU radial piston motor, which was designed as part of the wheel hub.

Black Bruin’s modern hydraulic motors operate according to the same basic principle as the original design from 1959: Pressure pushes the pistons and cam rolls outwards against the cam ring on the housing. The waveform of the cam ring transforms the force into torque.

Since the 50’s many strong companies in Finnish metal industry have contributed to the development of the Black Bruin motors: SISU, Partek, Valmet, Metso and Sampo Rosenlew.