In the Binderberger range you will find forestry winches in various shield widths and with different pulling forces, which, together with radio control, increase work safety in the forestry sector.

An extensive range of three point linkage and fixed winches from professional users to hobbyists/firewood merchants.
Profi professional range – models from 6.5 to 12 tonne pulling capacity and single and double drum options. Three point linkage and fixed winches available
Premium range – models from 3.5 to 9 tonne pulling capacity with some available for front or rear mounting.
Standard range- models from 3 to 7 tonnes pulling capacity
Accessories include Uniforest Connect App, remote control operation, wire ropes, hooks and sliders
Winch sizes available from 16hp mini tractors to large professional models.
Models for occasional to professional use
Some models can be front or rear PTO mounted.