Traction Winches

DC Equipment

Safer harvesting and extraction of timber on steep slopes up to 45°
Land clearing, land preparation, road lining, Supporting cable extraction logging
Timber harvesting, mulching, ploughing and mounding
Compatible with forwarders, harvesters, skidders, tractors, crawlers and excavators

The safe and versatile winch you can trust. The Falcon Winch Assist has been developed through thousands of hours of operational feedback now on it’s fifth generation. With min With minimal impact to the base excavator machine, the system also can be used as a conventional excavator, for digging or tracking, that is why the Falcon Winch Assist is the only hydraulic winch machine on the market that provides your crew with Safety, Simplicity, Productivity, and Real Versatility.

Intuitive, easy to use control system.
One 1’ 1/8” Swaged rope with 71 Ton breaking strain
Tension monitor for accurate live tension readouts and recordings.
Emergency E-stop giving operators piece of mind and confidence in the winch.
Multipurpose design with the winch resembling similar ergonomics to the original counterweight.
Attachment versatility to eliminate downtime through supporting wider operational workload.