Working With Businesses to Manage Fuel Cost Pressures In Forestry Services

The sanctions being levied as part of the global community’s united response against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are a concerted effort to halt the war.

This effort is to be supported and welcomed, and individuals and businesses are setting themselves to respond to the knock-on effects that are beginning to make themselves felt across Europe.

One of the most keenly felt consequences is the increased volatility in fuel prices. Forestry and Land Scotland is doing what it can to help the most heavily impacted businesses operating on Scotland’s national forests and land to manage this increasing cost.

Doug Knox, Head of Technical Services Group at FLS said: “Contractors all over Scotland help us with our forest management activities and fuel costs are factored in to their bids for contracts. However, some of the more mechanised operations are ‘fuel-heavy’ and significant cost increases place those contractors under  increased financial pressure.

“Areas of work that are impacted the most include road construction and maintenance, harvesting and forwarding, ground preparation and haulage.

“We are looking at how we can develop additional mechanisms in our contracts and will prioritise support for the most badly affected businesses working on Scotland’s national forests and land.

“Working with industry bodies such as Confor, the Road Haulage Association, Forestry Contracting Association, and the Institution of Civil Engineers, we’ll  work on developing a fair and transparent pricing mechanisms for use in contracts which will take account of the significant swings in fuel prices that we are now seeing.”

FLS will be in contact directly with its suppliers in the coming weeks to discuss these additional supplier relief measures.

Any forestry service suppliers that have immediate concerns that they wish to discuss with FLS are encouraged to contact

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