John Deere introduces the new H225E harvester head for eucalyptus tree harvesting.

The purpose-built H225E harvester head for eucalyptus debarking has been designed for use with the larger size-class 1270G or
1470G wheeled harvesters equipped with an 8.6 m boom and with tracked harvesters. It features excellent single-pass debarking with the patented Vario feed rollers.

John Deere harvester heads are known for their productivity and reliability. The excellent measuring accuracy and ease of maintenance are properties valued by forest machine professionals. John Deere harvester heads are designed to operate seamlessly with John Deere harvesters. The harvester hydraulics, automation and engine properties enable maximum harvester head performance.

H225E is an excellent tool for efficient eucalyptus tree harvesting

The H225E is a completely new harvester head designed for eucalyptus tree harvesting. The range of the new H225E head is 30-450 mm and the optimal diameter at breast height is 150-300 mm. It features excellent singlepass debarking and can easily process also crooked trees. It has the same PEvo harvester head valve found in most John Deere harvester heads as well as the recently introduced SC100S saw unit.

The harvester head’s four moving delimbing knives, the fixed upper and lower knives, together with the fixed debarking tools in the frame and two feed rollers, ensure excellent debarking and delimbing regardless of tree diameter. Long component life, protected hose routings and ease of daily maintenance add to the high reliability of the H225E.

The new casted delimbing knives are now a standard feature. The casted homogenous knives and their design bring high strength and durability. The delimbing knives make it easy to pick up logs from the ground for processing. The steel-covered feed roller arm cylinder is well protected from the eucalyptus juice and branches.
The tilt cylinder frame end bearing is also protected.

H225E main tech specs:

  • Weight 1690 kg
  • Max. cutting diameter 550 mm
  • Max. feed roller opening 550 mm
  • Max. feed force 21-26 kN
  • Max. feed speed 6-7 m/s


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PEvo harvester head valve

The H225E’s PEvo-harvester head valve minimizes the cavitation tendency in varying loads and thereby reduces stress on components. It also offers excellent performance and operational control. The valve maximizes the durability of the harvester head components, fuel economy and productivity.

Optional patented Vario debarking rollers

With the Vario feed rollers, debarking eucalyptus trees is efficient and is done in a single pass. The patented surface pattern of the Vario feed rollers and the variable rib angle rotates the tree trunk at different speeds based on the diameter of the trunk. This results in maximal debarking of eucalyptus trees Thanks to the Vario feed rollers, there is hardly any need for back and forth feeding and the quality of debarking is excellent with a single pass. With the Vario feed rollers, the feeding speed is faster with the smaller tree diameters.

Reliable and accurate length measuring

The measuring system has two separate springs resulting reliable and accurate length measuring. Better
protection of the length measuring bearings and the more protected positioning of the spring system improve the durability of the measuring system.

New SuperCut 100S saw units in all John Deere harvester heads

In 2020, all John Deere harvester heads switched to the new SuperCut 100S saw unit. The saw unit’s nextgeneration chain tensioning unit, automatic chain tensioning, and mechanical bar locking give it added efficiency and reliability. The improved chain release makes it easier to replace the saw chain. The new saw unit enables also a bigger selection of saw motors and saw bars.

Design goals and new look

The H225E harvester head product development and product improvements were made based on customer feedback in the eucalyptus market. The design goals were ease of use, durability, performance, efficiency, carefully considered hose routings, and easy access to service points. The new and modern look was designed by BMW Design Works.

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