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The brand new KESLA 19RH-III and 21RH-III harvester heads represent the latest technology on the market in terms of structure, materials and functionality. With the new models, Kesla strengthens its position as a leading harvester head manufacturer independent from base machines.

Modularity enables optimization for varying conditions

Thanks to their modular structure, the new 19RH-III and 21RH-III models can easily be optimized to work under highly varying conditions, with different types of timber and on different base machines.

“Our strategy as a leading independent harvester head manufacturer steers us to develop the products to work optimally with the hydraulics and control systems of different base machines,” says Mika Tahvanainen, Director of the logging equipment business. “This is what makes Kesla a superior partner for builders of excavator harvesters and those harvester manufacturers who don’t have own heads in their product lines.”

Sturdier structure for harvester heads as well

The frame modules of the new models are machined in one piece after the welding assembly. The moving parts of the heads, such as feeding roller arms and delimbing knives, are made of cast steel. This helps attain exceptional structure dimensional accuracy, which will further prolong the structural life of KESLA harvester heads, already known to be durable, and improve their operating features.

The shafts and bearings of roller arms, delimbing knives and tilt joints are as sturdy as those in the competitors’ heads in larger size categories, to ensure the superior mechanical strength of the new heads.

In terms of their frame structure and hydraulics, the new models are largely based on the same solutions as the sturdy 27RH – 30RH-II models in KESLA’s range, which have been proven to be reliable and durable working machines around the world. As a result, we have a harvester head which is probably the only one in its size and weight category on the market that withstands hard use in highly demanding debarking of eucalyptus and acacia.

Praise for reliability and low energy consumption

Besides efficiency, the new harvester head models have also been praised for their reliability and low energy consumption. Regarding reliability, a key factor is the new structure which helps protect the harvester head’s cylinders and their hoses without compromising easy maintenance. In energy consumption, significant factors include powerful hydraulics and Kesla’s unique progressive roller geometry, which ensures maximal traction and minimized friction during the processing.

Thoroughly tested harvester heads

The goals related to the power-to-weight ratio of the harvester heads introduced to the market have been set higher than ever, so the zero-series of heads has undergone an exceptionally long period of testing by means of debarking in plantations in tropical areas and thinning in Finland, using several types of base machines. The testing also involved some of the most important forestry companies managing plantations on the market, doing very detailed follow-up.

KESLA 19RH-III is a 3-knife harvester head equipped with one rear delimbing knife, whose weight starts from 680 kg. The short three-knife model is very capable of handling crooked trees, and its slightly lower weight makes it suitable for base machines where the harvester head selection is weight-critical.  The weight of the 4-knife 21RH-III model, equipped with two rear delimbing knives, starts from 720 kg. The four-knife model works best for handling slightly sturdier timber. The total weight is, naturally, affected by the assembly. The maximum opening of feeding rollers in both models is 42 cm, and the maximum sawing diameter is 54 cm.

The harvester heads are suitable for first and later thinnings as well as harvesting of short-rotation eucalyptus and acacia plantations, with or without debarking.

KESLA 19RH-III and 21RH-III are launched in April 2020. Deliveries of the new models to clients will begin during the summer 2020.


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Kesla harvester head 19RHIII
Kesla 19RH-III
Kesla harvester head 21RHIII
Kesla 21RH-III

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