New windows for harvesters and forwarders comply with ISO 21876 saw chain shot testing standard

The new ISO 21876 standard will take effect at the end of 2020, or early 2021 at the latest. The new windows are standard features in John Deere forest machines already starting in March 2020. The new RENCRAFT® Super Hard Coat (ECE 43R LEVEL L) polycarbonate windows are more durable than the windows previously used. The new windows can better withstand external wear. The windows’ scratch resistance and ability to withstand chemicals and cleaning solutions is significantly improved. Additionally, the front window of the rotating cabin and the rear window of the forwarder’s fixed cabin are now almost 50% thicker than before. Also the front window of the fixed cabin is thicker than before. The thicker material provides better sound insulation. The cabin will now become an even quieter working environment. The optical quality of the new windows is excellent. The new, durable coating is created already during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for a separate coating that causes minor distortions. The new, more durable windows are standard in all John Deere forest machines starting in March 2020. The change in window material has no cost impact for customers. The windows can also be retrofitted to all the latest models that have rotating and levelling or fixed cabins. ”The optics of the new window are clearly better, and, as a bonus, the cabin is now even quieter. The new kind of coating enabled by the manufacturing technique and the wear protection it brings is also a significant improvement on the previous ones,” says Marketing Manager Sami Kulmala.

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