The new Tamtron One Timber scale is the answer to our client’s wishes

Tamtron Timber Weighing Link

Today Tamtron announces the launch of our new generation timber scale, the One Timber. This new technology includes a completely redesigned display and weighing link. The design and implementation of the scale has taken into account the wishes of our partners as well as the challenges the industry faces today. The result is a modern, more accurate scale that will serve our customers with the utmost reliability. 

The One Timber scale´s technology and practicality work together seamlessly. The scale features the new-generation Tamtron One touch screen display and an innovative strain gauge weighing link. The weighing link is based on strain gauge technology, so there are no moving parts or hydraulics that cause friction to affect the weighing result. This eliminates the possibility of irregularities in the weighing results, for example. “Weighing accuracy is the number one thing – it has to be finetuned to perfection and the operator’s way of working must not affect the accuracy of the scale. The One Timber scale is extremely accurate and enables optimized load performance in all conditions”, says Harri Pentinniemi, Product Manager at Tamtron. 

Pentinniemi also praises the new One display, “The technology, design and software of our previous scale has come to an end and now we have done a complete overhaul of our timber scale. Our customers had also hoped for more sophisticated features, but at the same time a more simple and modern display. We cooperated with a design agency to create a new user-interface for the scale and special attention was paid to its simplicity. The display’s durability in different environmental conditions was also increased. “ 

Seamless integration increases transparency 

One Timber is connected to the Internet: The scale transmits data 24 hours a day wirelessly to the One Cloud, which can be integrated into a customer’s own record-keeping software. With the Tamtron One cloud service and real-time data transfer, weighing results are immediately transmitted to the customer, and orders can also be sent directly to the scales, locate the scale’s activity and view work done on a PC. 

According to Tamtron’s Sales Manager Juhana Ruupansalo, this new technology will increase the transparency between all parties involved. At the same time, the possibility of human error is eliminated and the work is more flexible when loaded amounts are not recorded manually. “The weighing link is a small part of the scale, but it plays a big role in how operators and their clients will build trust with each other and with all the parties involved with transparent and fair transactions,” says Ruupansalo. 

In addition, the capability of connecting the scale to the internet brings customers with fast product support, diagnostics tools and remote updates. All these features increase the flexibility and ease of use when work can continue without interruption. 

Positive feedback from test customers 

The One Timber scale is ideal for demanding use and continuous loading. It has been in use by test customers for over a year now. According to Ruupansalo, customers have given very good feedback, especially on the durability, quality and usability of the scale. 

“Tamtron has the advantage of decades of know-how in the production of weighing solutions, which has allowed for our scales to be extremely reliable. The company has long been a partner for crane manufacturers, transportation companies and we are well aware of the needs and challenges in the industry. The One Timber’s development work also sought to actively search for the variations in the user experience of the scale in different situations and users over a long period of time. This is now reflected in the successful outcome of the scale”, Ruupansalo concludes. 

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