The DOLL panther celebrated its world premiere at bauma 2010. The performance was followed by a success story that continues to this day. For the 10th anniversary of the panther series, DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH is launching a diverse program of activities. It starts with an online campaign before a new chapter in panther history is opened in the summer with a new product.

“DOLL panther, the revolution in chassis technology” was the headline for the world premiere in 2010 in Munich and basically nothing has changed. From the very first design drawings, the focus was on a durable and low-maintenance axle construction , coupled with high payloads , low loading heights and the best possible driving characteristics . A concept that was completely convincing: Today, more than 6,500 panther axles are already in use .

Since then, the heart of the semi and low bed semi-trailers has been the panther chassis with split, hydraulically suspended and steered twelve-ton axles with independent wheel suspension. With upper and lower links, the structure corresponds to a double wishbone axle e, the wheels being mounted on a wheel hub in a known twin arrangement. In addition to the exceptionally good driving behavior with low tire wear,


an outstandingly stable trailing property and a stroke of 315 millimeters, there is another advantage that should not be underestimated: as with a steering-arm axle, the twin tires can easily be changed from the outside , thanks to the jack function or even the axle liftwithout additional aids .

DOLL tronic control concept based on CAN bus DOLL is
not only the innovation leader in terms of hardware, but also in terms of software. The panther trolleys are now equipped as standard with the DOLL tronic control concept, which DOLL was the first to introduce in the heavy-duty market in this form. All trailer functions can be carried out using separate keypads on the rear and gooseneck as well as by radio . Thanks to the feedback on the radio remote control display , the driver can monitor a lot from any position, saves time when loading and unloading and has to get on and off less frequently. With the computer-based control concept based on CAN-Bus, moreoverAll positions are permanently monitored and the driving levels can also be changed while driving. Also integrated is a “spirit level function” for a constant driving level on a sideways slope .

In combination with the DOLL tronic, DOLL once again lives up to its reputation as an innovation leader with its position-independent electronic tracking (EEP). By comparing the articulation angle between the tractor and the trailer, the system, which is only available from DOLL, determines the correct steering angle of the chassis axles and adjusts them for correct straight-line travel – automatically and in any position of the trailer. The annoying straight linethe train after each steering process is a thing of the past.

The DOLL connect trailer management system is also based on the sensors of DOLL tronic. DOLL connect records all available vehicle data such as axle load, tire pressure, position of driving level and steering. The system also transmits error messages from the central lubrication system and monitors the position of ramps, cross-shift and main frame locking. All information is clearly shown on the radio remote control display.  

All nevertheless innovative and proven control and sensor components ensure maximum ease of use , high driving and functional safety andvery low maintenance costs .  

Last but not least – quality pays off : DOLL grants a five-year guarantee on all panther chassis components (upper and lower links, bearings and cylinder mounts) and the frame components !

Overview of panther technology

  • Chassis with split axles and independent wheel suspension; Axle load: 12 t
  • hydraulic suspension with separate hydraulic circuits
  • hydraulic forced steering of all axles, up to 55 degrees steering angle
  • 850 mm basic driving height with 315 mm total stroke (-70 / + 245 mm)
  • lowest loading height with 70 mm deflection: 780 mm
  • Infinitely adjustable driving levels, also left and right side independently of one another (“spirit level function”)
  • Operation of all trailer functions via keypads on the gooseneck and rear axle chassis
  • Up to four driving heights can be programmed via the DOLL tronic and controlled by radio remote control even while driving
  • Large track width and small roll lever arm
  • no lateral inclination when turning into a curve, regardless of driving height and steering angle
  • reduced dead weight thanks to large frame cross sections
  • simple, double, triple and even quadruple telescopic
  • diverse configurations, different goosenecks, superstructures and attachments as well as loading beds, from continuous platform to extremely low and passable low bed vehicles
  • each axle optionally with lift function

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