Roundwood Trade down by 30% in Finland

ByForest Machine Magazine

13th July 2020
  • Trade of roundwood did not pick up as usual in May, but continued as in April. In the beginning of 2020 the trade fell by one fourth compared to the previous year or by 30 per cent compared to the earlier three-year period.
  • In May, the average stumpage price for pine logs was EUR 53.9 per cubic metre, and the price for spruce logs was EUR 57.7 per cubic metre. These prices decreased one per cent from April.
  • The stumpage price for pine pulpwood was EUR 17.8, the price for spruce pulpwood EUR 20.1 and the price for birch pulpwood EUR 16.8 per cubic metre. The price of spruce pulpwood decreased one per cent compared to the previous month and the prices of the others went up slightly.
  • The price for pulpwood has risen during this year. In May the price level was approximately seven per cent higher than the average real price level of the whole last year.
  • The average roadside price for pine pulpwood was EUR 31.9, for spruce pulpwood EUR 33.6 and for birch pulpwood EUR 31.5 per cubic metre. Compared to April, the price of pine went up one and the price of spruce two per cent, but birch pulpwood went down one per cent. Delivery sales are typically dominated by pulpwood and in May pulpwood assortments accounted for more than two thirds of the total roundwood trade by delivery sales.

Wood trade price regions were changed at the beginning of 2020 when the Kainuu–Pohjanmaa price region was divided into Pohjois-Pohjanmaa and Kainuu–Koillismaa regions. The new division is presented in the map.

The recorded prices are based on prices entered in wood trade agreements between the buyers and sellers. Any other increments and services related to wood trade are not included in the statistics.

Wood trade data for statistics are provided by the largest buyers of wood and forest management associations. As the information is not rounded up to correspond to the total non-industrial private wood trade in Finland, the published wood volumes only represent just over 90 per cent of the wood purchased by forest industries from non-industrial private forests.

Real stumpage prices of roundwood (deflated using wholesale price index)

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