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Bijol have been manufacturing forestry equipment for over 20 years at their premises in the Municipality of Vuzencia, Slovenia, near the Austrian border. In November 2014, the company added a new service workshop in Vransko. 

In Vransko, Bijol provide customers with service services, while at the company’s headquarters in Vuzenica, in addition to service they also perform assembly and production of their own products. In the upgrade, assembly and production of all products, the company invest a lot of their own engineering and technical knowledge, which allows them to adapt their products to customers wishes and needs. Bijol’s customers are small and large companies, craftsmen, public institutions and companies, in short, anyone who deals with loading, unloading and transporting any goods. The company strives to offer clients services in the entire field from the beginning to the end of the project, as well as technical advice and comprehensive service.