TMK Tree Shears Hire

Nationwide TMK Tree Shear hire from NCD Equipment.

Nationwide TMK Tree Shear hire from NCD Equipment. Suitable for excavators from 2.5-25 tons. Weekly and long term hire rates available  

Competitively Priced,  Excellent Range of Head Stocks Available to Meet Your Needs Please contact us at NCD Equipment Ltd. Call 07498 464 067 or email

TMK Tree Shear Range

TMK 200- New Kind Of Agility

The TMK 200 ”Beaver” is the newest addition to the TMK product family.
Beavers small size and precisely designed structure makes the shear
good fit to for example tractor cranes, miniloaders and small excavators.
This powerhouse, weighing only 150 kg, cuts 200 mm tree comfortably.
Thanks to its light weight and strong capsular structure TMK 200 fits to
wide range of works from ditch clearances to forest thinning’s. Custom
shaped blade keeps the big trees close to the grapple, maximizing the
cutting force, and scissor-like cutting motion cuts neatly also the smaller
bushes and leaves a really clean cut. TMK Beavers recommended
hydraulic pressure is 200-280 Bars depending on the chosen cylinder.

TMK 300 – Authentic and Original

The TMK 300 is the beginning of the TMK product family. TMK 300 has
the widest attachment options of all TMK products, and that makes it
into one of the most versatile shears on the market. TMK 300 fits well to
small scale users, thanks to its simple operating, and all the way to the
professionals thanks to its high productivity. Product family’s matriarch
weighs only 260 kg, which makes it possible to use it even on a 5 ton
excavator, but it also endures the stress from a 20 ton excavator. Thanks
to the capsular structure and efficient blade, 300mm tree can be cut
neatly. The Shear can be used also in the bigger miniloaders and skid
steers. Unlike the other models, TMK 300 can be equipped also with a
delimber option. Recommended hydraulic pressure for TMK 300 is 200-
300 Bars, depending on the chosen cylinder.

TMK 400 – More Power And Efficiency

The TMK 400 ”Big Boy” is the largest and strongest one in TMK’s current
product family. The TMK 400 was developed to cut down Central Europe’s
big trees, and the power to this produces the custom designed cylinders.
Thanks to these cylinders we can cut up to 400mm trees. Big Boy fits to
excavators from 10 ton to 30 tons. Shear opens respectively 1070mm, and
thanks to its light weight it provides a great tool to cut down the smaller
brush as well as the big logs. The strong capsular structure in TMK 400
withstands the tensions of cutting down the big trees and still the weight
is being able to kept under 560 kg! The recommended hydraulic pressure
for TMK Big Boy is 220-300 Bars, depending on the chosen cylinder.

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