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COFI established its forestry scholarship in 2007 with the goal of encouraging young people to choose professional, technical, or trades careers in the forest sector. Scholarship recipients will each receive $2,000 to support their studies at post-secondary learning institutions across British Columbia.  

“We are proud to support and celebrate these future leaders of the forest industry as they pursue their educational journeys and careers” said Susan Yurkovich, President & CEO of COFI. “These students will play a vital role in B.C.’s forest industry, helping ensure we continue to keep our forests healthy and produce carbon-friendly products that are good for the planet.

The forest industry has been a cornerstone of the B.C. economy for more than a century and supports 100,000 good jobs for British Columbians. It contributes $13 billion to B.C.’s GDP, helping support healthcare, education, and other important social services people rely on.

“These students will have the opportunity to play an integral role in moving the industry forward.” said Yurkovich. “From forest technicians to data analysts, and everything in between, these students will bring creative and innovative ideas and solutions to B.C.’s forest sector.”

This year, COFI was pleased to partner with the New Relationship Trust Foundation to provide funding for three Indigenous students who are pursuing careers in the forest sector.

“The New Relationship Trust Foundation has thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with the BC Council of Forest Industries” said Matt Cook-Contois, Senior Associate – Programs Specialist, NRTF. “The Indigenous focused forestry scholarships provided by COFI has made an immense and positive impact on the lives of our students Dorthy, Jody, and Jonathan who can continue their studies without financial stress. COFI has truly demonstrated a strong commitment to reconciliation by investing in Indigenous education and providing Indigenous students further opportunity to build a stronger Indigenous future.”

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About the BC Council of Forest Industries

The BC Council of Forest Industries represents the majority of lumber, pulp and paper, and manufactured wood producers across the province – an industry that remains a cornerstone of the economy, supporting good jobs and a better quality of life for British Columbians.

As BC’s forest industry continues to adapt, evolve, and generate economic and social benefits for people, families and communities, our vision is to be a globally competitive forest sector that is a model for the world in environmental care, product innovation and technological advances.

About the New Relationship Trust Foundation

The New Relationship Trust Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization. It was created to advance and support the education goals of First Nations in British Columbia. The primary focuses are Scholarships, Bursaries, and First Nations Language Revitalization.

About COFI’s Forest Education Program

COFI’s Forest Education Program provides current information for educators and students about B.C.’s rich, world-class forest resources and the educational and career opportunities that are possible in our province’s forests and manufacturing facilities. 

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