European type- approval according to the EU Framework Regulation 167/2013 for KESLA timber trailers for tractors


European type-approval according to EU framework regulation 167/2013 is now available for the KESLA trailers, allowing public road use of trailers in all EU countries and in most of the EU’s neighbouring countries.Uniform type-approval for timber trailers for tractors From May 2020, type-approval under EU Framework Regulation 167/2013 is available for all current KESLA timber trailers for tractors – as one of the first brands.

For type-approval purposes, the trailer must be equipped with dual-circuit 4-wheel brakes, with lights and reflectors complying with the requirements and with tyres of a specific size. A type-approved trailer can be identified by its type-approval plate.

The approval is valid in the EU countries and the EU’s neighbouring countries that apply the regulation. The maximum speed of a type-approved trailer on public roads is 30 km/h .Improved carrying capacity and larger cargo space

The single-beam structure of the KESLA timber trailer for tractors makes it not only light and very agile, but also very robust.

Today, the frame beam is large, sized at 200 * 200 mm. It has been known for years that the actual carrying capacity of Kesla trailers is clearly higher than stated. Kesla received results of trailer endurance tests last year, and now the carrying capacities have been increased based on the test results. – “For example, the carrying capacity of the smallest 104 trailer is now ten tons instead of nine tons,” says Business Director Janne Sinkkonen. “Carrying capacity is the load that can be loaded on the trailer.” With the change in carrying capacity, the cargo space has also been slightly enlarged. For example, the cargo space area of the smallest models in the range – KESLA 104 and 114HD –has increased from 2.0 m2 to 2.4 m2, and the cargo space area of KESLA 124H/HD models from 2.6 m2 to 2.7 m2. However, the cargo space of the largest 144 timber trailer remains unchanged, the largest on the market at 3.2 m2.

The carrying capacity of the 144 trailer has increased from 12 tons to 14 tons. The changes apply to new products ordered. Bioenergy boxes are now available for the entire KESLA timber trailer range, which will increase the versatility of the trailers.


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