Ferny Bank & Nant Yr Ych

Ferny Bank

Ferny Bank & Nant Yr Ych For Sale

Lot 1: Ferny Bank Comprises areas of re-planting (c.2021) in individual tubes adjacent to the stream and a separate area of replanting in spirals/canes within a deer fence; recent broadleaved planting (c.15 years old), within areas of existing young woodland including cypressus species and natural regeneration; mixed conifers (an area of Scots and Corsican pine at the highest point of the wood); mature poplars at edge of the streamside woodland and; at the north west corner of the wood, adjacent to Cae Robin Wood, wet native broadleaved woodland. Collectively these areas comprise a mix of Restored Ancient Woodlands and small areas of Plantations on Ancient Woodlands.

The areas of greatest biodiversity are the woods adjacent to the neighbouring Cae Robin Wood (not part of sale) and the springs – here there are attractive streams, minimally managed woods and open ground that is laden with wild garlic and profuse in bluebells.

There is an area of hardstanding off the public road which is suitable for 2-3 cars.

Lot 2: Nant yr Ych Nant yr Ych is a more mature wood and comprises a mix of regenerating conifers (Sitka spruce, Douglas fir and Norway spruce); replanted (c.2008) broadleaves and mature wet (ash dominated) woodland next to a spring-fed stream.

The conifers comprise natural regeneration and unfelled remnants of the previous conifer crop that was planted in c.1960 and felled in 2007/08. Amongst the conifers are replanted broadleaves and several pockets of large mature ash trees. The areas of re-planting are becoming established with additional regenerating conifers and broadleaved trees including hazel, silver birch and willow.

The entrance is by way of a track, which includes an ample flat area (suitable for stacking timber or informal camping) on the (upper) western side.

The track then leads to an unsurfaced path that proceeds eastwards. This terminates at the top of the slope at a metal gate. This access was used by estate staff but there will be no access upon sale.

It is from this point that there are panoramic views across the surrounding countryside.



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