Logset 6F Wendy Smith, Mid Somerset Forestry

Machine age 3 months/500 hours

Fuel Consumption 10 Litres P/H

Wendy’s love of the woods started when she realised it was part and parcel of being with her husband Darren, owner of Mid Somerset Forestry. Wendy’s early career took in various jobs including working in shops, working in a factory making circuit boards and training to be a holistic therapist, while also finding time to bring up three daughters.

Wendy’s forwarding career started 12 years ago, where alongside Darren she has operated various forwarders up to her new Logset 6F Forwarder which arrived in early November last year.

This is Logset’s first Forwarder in the UK fitted with the Smooth Ride cab suspension

“I am really impressed with the Smooth Ride, that horrible back breaking feeling I used to get when sliding off a stump is now a thing of the past. We are currently doing a thinning’s job with rocky ground conditions, running on tyres, and I am comfortably taking out 14 tons every load.

Capacity will be increased on clear fells when I am using the bunk widening kit.

There is storage in the front pod for the tow chain, toolbox and grease gun, but one oversight is, there is nowhere to put the spill kit.

We have had to get a cover made specially for the spill kit which we strap to the slew pots on the crane.

I find the Mesera crane and Cranab G 36 grapple a good combination, it’s nice and smooth to operate, and easily accessible to grease.

One issue with the crane is the work light on the underside of the dipper boom, it has a flap to stop the light shining into the operator’s eyes when folded back over, but when working the crane, the flap moves to and fro, distorting the light.

The Logset 6F Forwarder cab is a comfortable place to work , “the game changer is the Smooth Ride making traveling so much smoother. The seat is comfortable with big cushions on the sides that really hold me in place and the armrests are a lot more robust than they used to be.

The long windows provide excellent vision, and the low sills allow me to see the front wheels. The computer is easy to use and is well positioned on the righthand side of the cab which I can see while facing forwards as well as backwards”.

Wendy and Darren carry out the interim services with main services being done by R J Fukes. “the machine is straightforward to service with the only issue being the AdBlue pump filter which is badly situated and difficult to access.

We use R J Fukes for all our back up needs and they come out whenever needed.

When we need parts, we either get them delivered, or go and collect them, sometimes meeting halfway.

Another plus with R J Fukes is they are open on Saturdays so if we do need anything repairing, it is worth taking the three-hour journey up to the workshop”.

“Although this forwarder took a bit it took a bit of getting used to after my last machine, I can’t say anything bad about the 6 F as it’s a bloody marvellous forwarder”

The feedback here is from the operator and is in no way an endorsement or criticism of any machine manufacturers.

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