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Kesla has chosen support for children’s and young people’s mental health work through the Godparents Association of Children’s Clinics as the main donation target for 2021.

“Children and young people have a future, which is why supporting them when faced with illness is important,” says Simo Saastamoinen, CEO of Kesla Plc. “The Godparents Association of Children’s Clinics does important work for children and young people, and it also provides responsible companies with a great channel for participating in voluntary activities. “We have chosen mental health work for children and young people as a donation target, the needs of which have – unfortunately – grown considerably in recent years,” Saastamoinen adds.

Kesla will donate €10 for all domestic machine deliveries ordered from 1 June to 31 December 2021 for mental health work for children and young people. In addition, machine deliveries are accompanied by the Godparents’ “comfort”, for which €3 goes to the Activities of the Godparents of Children’s Clinics.

Kesla has three business areas: automotive and industrial cranes, tractor equipment and logging equipment. The campaign applies to all business areas.

Kesla also has its own digital collection magazine, through which a private individual or, for example, Kesla’s partner company can donate the amount they want. The box can be found at:

Godparents association for children’s clinics – important work for children

The Godparents Association of Children’s Clinics does important work by supporting children’s clinics and paediatry research. The activities are supported in four areas: hospital comfort, research, equipment and mental health work. The number of children and young people suffering from mental disorders has increased sharply in the 21st century and up to 20% of children and young people suffer from problems. It is clear that this area also requires more resources.

Kesla is a engineering group specializing in the development, marketing and manufacture of forest technology and material processing, which produces high-quality material handling solutions that integrate with the customer’s platform, deliver the best user experience and promote the customer’s business. Kesla’s business is focused on three business areas: tractor equipment, logging equipment and automotive and industrial cranes. The Group’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 40 million. The Group’s exports accounted for 70% of net sales. Founded in 1960, Kesla has production facilities in Joensuu, Kesälahti and Ilomants, as well as a sales company in Appenweier, Germany. Kesla employs approximately 250 people. Kesla’s A shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. #yourlifetimematch.

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