Neste, the first in Finland to introduce renewable fuel oil.

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8th December 2020

Neste-in support of reducing the carbon footprint of heavy equipment and heating

Neste is the first in Finland to introduce fuel oil produced from 100% renewable raw materials. From the beginning of January 2021, Neste MY Non Road Diesel™, suitable for construction, forest machine contracting, agriculture and heating, will enable companies to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%* over the product life cycle compared to fossil fuel oil. Renewable fuel oil is a significant new addition to the renewable diesel known in road transport. It contributes to Finland’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035 and helps to achieve emission reductions in the machinery and heating sector.

“We are committed to reducing our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million tons annually by 2030. Our renewable diesel has received a positive reaction in road transport, and several hundred companies in the transport and logistics sectors have chosen to use it. We also want to support companies in other sectors to reduce their own emissions by offering them a solution that can be adopted immediately. Therefore it is great that we can respond to our customer’s needs by introducing a sustainable fuel oil alternative to the Finnish market,” says Joni Pihlström, Vice President for B2B Sales in Finland, Marketing & Services, Neste.   

Neste MY Non Road Diesel is comparable to Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ used in road transport, in terms of the raw material base and emissions reduction. In addition to a smaller carbon footprint, the use of renewable fuel oil reduces local emissions produced by older machines. As such, Neste MY Non Road Diesel is suitable for existing machine fleet, and can also be used in heating.  

Climate work also requires heavy equipment

Finland has also set emission reduction targets for heavy equipment. Of the current 2.5 million tons of annual greenhouse gas emissions, 20% should be cut by 2030. A little less than half of the emission reductions will be achieved through a bio mandate. 

At the beginning of 2021, the bio mandate for renewable fuels will be extended to fuel oil. The aim is to promote the use of biofuel oil to replace light fuel oil in heavy equipment, stationary motors and heating. This will contribute to achieving the climate objectives set by Finland and the EU.

“It is important that legislation in Finland supports not only low-emission mobility but also lower-emissions at construction sites and heating. As a result of the bio mandate, an even larger share of the production of fuel sold in Finland, and in the future also fuel oil, will be made more from sustainable raw materials instead of fossil feedstocks. All solutions are needed to achieve climate goals, but electrification of heavy equipment, for example, is in its early phase. Therefore, renewable fuel oil offers an immediate solution. In addition, we help our customers to monitor the emission reductions achieved with Neste MY Non Road Diesel and develop reporting”, says Pihlström.  

In 2021, Neste MY Non Road Diesel will be available only with limited amounts and in some locations. Distribution is made through direct delivery from Neste’s Porvoo terminal. 

*) The methodology for calculating life cycle emissions and emissions reduction is in line with the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC).

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