New John Deere H424 harvester head


The new H424 harvester head replaces the previous, best-selling H414. The H424 has a redesigned look. The changes based on customer feedback improve productivity, ease of service, durability, uptime, measuring accuracy and reduce daily operating costs. This model is also equipped with the new SuperCut 100S saw unit. The H424 harvester head is available for John Deere 1070G, 1170G and 1270G harvesters. The H424 is a medium-size harvester head designed for later thinning and final felling where the tree diameter at chest height is 150–430 mm. The H424 is also well suited for handling crooked wood and working on slopes.

The harvester head’s robust structure, improved hose routing and easy access to service points have convinced customers. H424 product improvements The new PEVO valve improves the harvester head’s performance, adjustability and economy compared to its predecessor. Improved hose routing from loader to harvester head and from valve block to feed motors improves the durability of the hoses. The new hinged valve block cover makes daily maintenance easy. Grease points and the saw chain oil tank are also easier to access, and the greasing intervals have been extended compared to before. The harvester head’s backwards tilt angle has been increased by 4°, which improves the grip of the stem in the grapple when feeding backwards and makes it easier to work on slopes. The fixed rear knife has been shortened for easier handling of crooked stems and hardwood. Also the placement of the rear delimbing knives has been changed to improve colour-coding accuracy. A more robust tilt frame for demanding conditions is available. Max. cutting diameter 620 mm Max. feed roller opening 640 mm Feeding force 27 kN Max. feeding speed 4.3-5.3 m/s Weight starting at 1100 kg New SuperCut 100S saw unit for all John Deere harvester heads. In 2020, all John Deere harvester heads will have the new SuperCut 100S saw unit. The saw unit’s next-generation chain tensioning unit, automatic chain tensioning, and mechanical bar locking give it added efficiency and reliability. The improved chain release makes it easier to replace the saw chain. The new saw unit enables also a bigger selection in terms of saw motors and saw bars.

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