What makes milling a go to for so many people?

Norwood Sawmills

Well, Global Machinery Solutions Ltd believe it is the uncapped potential and versatility that quite literally allow dreams to become a reality.

The team at Norwood Sawmills understand this and have created a sawmill range that is built on three staple principles: innovation, quality, and integrity.

The HD36v2 delivers high performance and high output for those looking to mill logs up to 36” in diameter. The mill comes available in static and mobile configurations.

What makes this model different from its predecessor, the HD36

From a functional perspective, the wider throat allows you to make a 30” cut versus the HD36’s 28” limit. From a structural perspective, the HD36v2 log deck is completely new. A patented design, Norwood’s proprietary Duradeck® system is constructed of twin laminated, roll formed, high strength steel rails with vertically installed steel plate track. Debossed steel is much stronger and more rigid than flat, unformed steel. Combined with the boxed front & rear-end frames, this log deck gives you greater strength, stiffness, lighter weight, and ultimately greater structural integrity.

As the overall dimensions of both log decks are identical, all existing log-deck mounted HD36 attachments are compatible with HD36v2, making this sawmill ideal for those looking to upgrade.

The HD36v2 accepts all the same manual, hydraulic and power attachments as its predecessor, the HD36. This ensures the spirit of Norwood’s build-as-you-grow philosophy is kept alive. The HD36v2 is fully customizable which means features and attachments can be added at your pace and as your milling needs evolve.

The HD36v2 features a bold new guard design that incorporates steel blade deflection shield inserts and an integrated dust extraction-compatible sawdust exhaust port; the vacuum hose compatible port is a handy feature, especially if you are operating indoors.

Andy Dudley, Technical Sales Consultant at Global Machinery Solutions Ltd, comments “Customers have been impressed with the HD36v2. The mills come with complete concise build instructions, but we’re always at the end of the phone if the customer has any queries when assembling the mill. The HD36v2 is very accurate when milling and can even produce a 3mm veneer!”

Norwood was the very first company to develop affordable personal band sawmills and is the only company to focus entirely on this class of sawmills. Since Norwood launched the first LumberMate, other companies followed suit, selling their own lines of personal band sawmills, but only as an afterthought to their main focus of super-sized, and super expensive, hydraulic mills.

No other company has more portable sawmill patents than Norwood. Every Norwood is quality built in the USA and Canada. They are designed, and built, to mill millions of board feet reliably and smoothly. Original Norwood mills from 1993, over 25 years ago, are still running strong today. Many of which are operating two 8-hour shifts a day, milling even the hardest exotic hardwoods in Africa, South America, and Australia.


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Norwood Sawmills

Every component of a Norwood sawmill is made of top-quality steel by highly skilled operators with cutting-edge fabrication and machining technologies. Norwood sawmills are designed and manufactured so that you will be able to rely on yours for the rest of your life. Industrial-grade powder-coating protects the sawmill better, and longer, than old-fashioned spray-paint, which chips, scratches, and rusts. It costs a considerable amount more to powder-coat steel and this sets Norwood apart.

Norwood have created sawmills that are going to work hard and look good for years to come. That’s why they finish every critical component on the portable sawmills with the very best powder-coating money can buy. Norwood’s philosophy is to remove the need for replacement parts so they design and manufacture all components for trouble-free reliability.

Andy comments “Wear parts are kept on the shelf at Global for the mills, ensuing downtime can be kept to a minimum. Same day dispatch can be advised by our Parts department.”

Norwood has the only sawmill that can take you from manual to hydraulic whenever you are ready. Even Norwood’s manual-only models have more optional attachments and time-saving upgrades than any other brand. Integrity, honesty, loyalty and hard work are at the heart of Norwood.

Rory Willcocks

Rory Willcocks is a name and face that readers may well recognise from hit TV show Trucking Hell. After leaving school, Rory started as a farm worker with the Youth Training Scheme and this took him to take part in an New Zealand exchange scheme in 1987. Whilst over there, one of the farms Rory was working on had a little block of forestry there, with contractors working on the land. Seeing old timber jack skidders working, saws on the back of tractors and timber being cut fascinated Rory and ignited the start of a lifelong passion. After returning back to England, Rory spent a winter in 1989 working for a timber man on the Lincolnshire/Leicestershire border. Although he absolutely loved the work, he didn’t find it financially supportive enough and this led a career change into plant, which then took to lorry driving and then a move to recovery, for Crouch Recovery, where Rory stayed for over 9 years and which saw his TV debut. Throughout Rory’s road based career, he never gave up on his dream of working outside with timber and milling.

In 2021, Rory decided he was nearing a position in life that would finally allow him to follow his dream of full time milling.

Rory comments “Some years ago I was working for a powered access hire firm and had to deliver a MEWP to some tree surgeons. When I returned to collect it, I saw that they had cut the stem of the tree they were working on into rings for firewood. It was a beautiful Walnut and I could have cried at the waste. I never forgot it and thought that there really should be a way to make saw milling available to tree surgeons, farmers and landowners without them having to invest large sums in machinery”.

Rory looked at various types of “Alaskan mill” over the years and, although economical, it appeared they were more suited to the hobbyist; they all seemed too slow for professional work on site or production work.

Andy Dudley and Rory Willcocks.
Norwood Sawmills

Having previously collected machinery some years earlier from Global Machinery Solutions, then Global Recycling Solutions, as a recovery driver, Rory remembered seeing some forestry winches at the depot and thought to look the company up regarding sawmills. There, he got in touch with Andy Dudley, Sales Consultant, who helped advise Rory on a Norwood Sawmills mill that would not only suit his needs now but could also grow as his business did, with hydraulic options that could be added along the way.

Andy Dudley comments “Customers have been impressed with the Norwood Sawmills LumberPro HD36v2 due to not only the milling accuracy but also the ability to add hydraulics. Although the mills come in kit form, we also offer the option of them being built by our workshop and being made road legal, meaning that the mill is delivered with an IVA certificate. This is the option that suited Rory’s needs best and we delivered his mill in January last year, milling on it just minutes after delivery”.

The HD36v2 delivers high performance and high output for those looking to mill logs up to 36” in diameter, with a wider throat allowing you to make a 30” cut.

Rory comments “I liked that Andy really believed in the product he was selling and took my needs seriously. He explained everything and it gave me confidence to invest in the model, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Whenever I’ve needed anything, even on a Sunday, Andy has picked up the phone. The Aftersales service has been outstanding, anytime I’ve needed any parts, I’ve called in at the Global office by chance and the parts have been there on the shelf”.

2022 saw Rory leaving Crouch Recovery, to start up his own milling business, Boundary Mobile Milling, using the HD36v2 full time. Rory is interested in not only extending his own customer base but also helping other millers outside of his radius by setting up a network, where potential job information in a different demographic can be passed to another miller who can fulfil the job. To create a community of millers that support the needs of customers around the UK.

Rory comments “When I was a digger driver and my boss had a job in Mansfield, he’d ring up and say to a firm in Mansfield can you cover this and likewise, if they had a job in Leicester, they’d ring up and say can you cover that. It’s all about supporting each other as the killer on any job when your business is busy is always the travel”.

Louise Bradshaw-Black, Marketing Manager at Global Machinery Solutions comments “Rory is a pleasure to help whenever he has needed any support and we wish him all the very best with Boundary Mobile Milling. It’s wonderful to see one of our mills help create not only a business but also allow Rory the opportunity to get back working outside, which is something he’s been wanting to do for 30 years”.

To learn more about any of the Norwood Sawmills range, contact our Sales office on 01476 568384, option 1 or visit our website www.globalmachinerysolutions.co.uk.

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