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ProSilva constantly engages in product development to refine its machines for enhanced durability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. In this effort, ProSilva’s customers also play a significant role, as the most significant insights for product development often come from the field.

“The guiding principle of our product development has always been that what isn’t in the machine can’t break,” begins ProSilva designer Jukka-Pekka Syvälahti. “Therefore, we strive to keep the overall design of the machine as simple as possible, without compromising on its efficiency and technical functionality.”

The simplicity of ProSilva’s forest machines brings significant benefits to customers. “The main advantage is the overall cost-effectiveness of the machine. With minimal breakdowns, operational productivity remains undisturbed. Machine serviceability is also crucial. The operator can handle light maintenance tasks on the machine independently if they wish, which naturally reduces downtime and contributes to the machine’s overall cost-effectiveness. The reliability and serviceability of our machines have been the cornerstones of our product development throughout our history.”

Today, ProSilva’s customers typically consist of small to medium-sized logging contractors operating 1–3 machines. Often, the operators themselves are also the owners. “Our customers value the versatility of our machines. They are suitable for thinning operations, but they also deliver ample power for final felling.”

Something that sets us apart

ProSilva’s forest machines possess a unique feature that sets them apart from other brands on the market. “Our machines have wheel-specific controlled hub drive systems, which allow for individually adjustable wheel speeds.”

Wheel-specific controlled hub drive systems enhance the machine’s usability in many ways. “Firstly, they increase the machine’s off-road capabilities and agility. Our machines perform exceptionally well in soft terrains and varying elevations. Wheel-specific speed control also makes turning smoother and reduces impact on the terrain.”

ProSilva’s drive system design also adds to the stability of the machine. “By implementing an open circuit drive system, we eliminate the need for a mechanical axle. This means that components like the engine, pumps, and other heavy elements can be placed close to the ground. The low center of gravity not only enhances comfort and stability but also simplifies maintenance.”

For those who want a bit more of everything

As an example of ProSilva’s customer-centric product development process, Jukka-Pekka Syvälahti highlights the S5 harvester. “This machine was born out of a clear customer need. We already had a six-wheeled, thinning-specific S3 harvester and a large S6 designed for final felling. Our customers expressed the desire for a versatile machine that would fit between these two sizes.”

ProSilva’s entire machine lineup is modular in structure. To create the new S5 harvester, only a suitably sized front frame and wheel solutions for medium-sized cranes and harvester heads were needed. The operator cabin was redesigned, while the power package remained consistent with ProSilva’s other models.

Just like in other ProSilva harvesters, the S5 also features standard characteristics such as wheel-specific drive systems, the stability brought by a low center of gravity, and the torque enabled by a powerful engine. “What sets the S5 apart from our other models is its versatility. At 2.86 meters wide and equipped with 700 mm wheels, the machine is compact enough for thinning operations, yet it delivers enough power to handle moving medium-sized cranes and harvester heads used in early final felling. The S5 is perfect for logging contractors who seek versatility above all.”

Customer-centric product development

Considering customer preferences is deeply ingrained in ProSilva’s core operations. “As a small company, we can tailor our machines to individual customer needs. For example, we developed specialised machines for slopes, which we delivered to Japan. These harvesters were equipped with bulldozer-type tracks, dozer blades, additional articulation points, and were sized to meet Japan’s transportation requirements.”

Since ProSilva’s goal is to provide tools that genuinely serve their customers’ needs, Jukka-Pekka Syvälahti encourages customers to openly share their wishes. “It’s worth asking our sales representatives about features or accessories that you feel you need. Often, these requests can be fully accommodated.”

A more productive future

Over the years, ProSilva’s forest machines have continuously evolved to become more productive, cost-effective, and efficient. “Naturally, this trend will continue. We work tirelessly every day to make our forest machines even better tools for our users.”

In addition to mechanical advancements, the intelligence of these machines is also evolving. “The forest machine of the future will make work even smoother and more automated. The goal is to minimise unnecessary repetitions in operations and to integrate automation where it naturally fits.”

Environmental friendliness is a priority, and ProSilva is already a strong option in this regard. “Our machines are among the most environmentally friendly in the market. Moving forward, we will certainly explore ways to further enhance their environmental friendliness, potentially by incorporating renewable alternatives to replace fossil fuels.”

However much the world and the challenges it poses to product development may change, there’s one thing ProSilva won’t let go of. “The customer will always be at the centre of our product development. Each of our machines will continue to be the smartest, most appealing, and most cost-effective choice for our customers.”

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