Stage V Engine on all Komatsu forwarders

stage V

The Komatsu 825TX, 835TX and 845 models are all upgraded with a Stage V diesel engine.The new engine installation offers many advantages, such as an all-new AdBlue system, a new exhaust system and hydraulic valve lifters.

The AdBlue system has been completely overhauled, with a focus on improvements to increase reliability. The tank has been moved to the front-left storage space and has also been improved with a new filling solution incorporating both a spill guard and filtration. It even has a specially designed funnel with venting channels for faster filling. All these factors simplify the machine’s daily maintenance needs.

Komatsu consistently engages in the research, development, manufacture and improvement of diesel engines. In-house development and manufacturing capabilities are leveraged for key components, such as hydraulic devices and control systems, in order to reduce environmental impact and to improve fuel economy.

The EU Stage V emissions legislation, applicable throughout all 28 EU member states, is the most stringent to date. In effect for engines below 56 kW and above 130 kW since January 1 2019, it will be applied to 56 to 130 kW engines starting from January 1, 2020.

Komatsu has begun supplying machinery in conformity with EU Stage V emission regulations to customers and new EU Stage V models will be announced when they are launched.EU Stage V regulations apply to a wider range of engines. It places a limit both on the mass of emitted particle pollution (PM) and on the number of particles (PN) emitted by the engine. For machines in the 19kW – 560kW power level range to comply with these new PN requirements, a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) must be included in the engine’s aftertreatment system. With over 98 percent of KDPF regeneration performed passively, no action is required of the operator, with no interference to machine operation. Performance remains efficient and costs of ownership low.

Products currently eligible for the Komatsu CARE maintenance programme will continue to qualify under EU Stage V regulations. As with all Komatsu products and solutions, reliability is assured through a robust design, development, and testing process. EU Stage V systems follow this process and, as a result, retain Komatsu’s position as the industry leader in aftertreatment systems.

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