Mulching with Kingwell Holdings


Here is a good example of a successful Mulching operation completed by Kingwell Holdings Ltd.  

Justin Kingwell and his team cover the whole of the UK carrying out Forestry and Site Clearances, Timber Harvesting, Tree Clearance, Stump Removal Brash Recovery and specialise in the supply of Biomass.

They have the largest fleet of mulchers in the UK which includes 130hp tractor and skid-steer machines,  400hp RT400s, excavator power-pack machines with second engines and high-flow forestry excavators with mulcher heads and other attachments. We also run tracked slow and high-speed shredders/chippers up to 950hp and a selection of forwarders. We also have all sizes of mobile incinerators for wood waste and invasive species.

Before Mulching Took Place

Mulching is an excellent method for clearing land and preparing a site for replanting, here are some of the advantages;

Mulching avoids soil erosion as the top layer is mulch and this keep the soil in place.

It is a quick process which reduces the timescale for replanting.

The End Result

There are long term improvements to the soil through the nutrients contained within the mulch, this keeps the land healthy and prevents problems such as mould and ensures healthy trees and plants.

Zero waste, by re-using the leftover debris this limits the re-growth of unwanted invasive species.

No permits or special permission is needed to carry out mulching.

For more information please contact Kingwell Holdings on 01376 550989

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