Alucar is the world’s leading manufacturer of superstructures for logging trucks. The company is based in Maxmo on the west coast of Finland. The company develops innovative solutions for timber transport, and the company is known all over the world as the trailblazer in its field.

Their most important values are reliability and the top quality of their products. Alucar never compromise on these and work towards them with stubborn determination.

Alucar is owned by international company group Extendo Ab, but as an independent subsidiary they have their own products and product development.

Throughout their history, Alucar have collaborated closely with truck manufacturers and they plan to work together even more closely in the future. Together, they are developing new sales concepts for logging trucks. Truck manufacturers are dreaming about key ready truck building, which would allow them to send logging trucks to customers complete with ready-made superstructures. Alucar will act as the supplier of superstructures in this configuration. The concept is still in the making, but when complete, it will offer a new, convenient alternative on the market.

Alucar’s own custom-made Made in Maxmo truck bodybuilding will continue unchanged and will serve as an important service also in the future. One thing is sure as the world, the industry and the market change, however: Alucar want to remain in the forefront, developing new alternatives alongside old ones and serving our customers better and more broadly than ever.