Long Poles Require Purpose-Built Trucks

Purpose-built trucks

Lars Persson Åkeri specialises in the transport of long power and telephone poles which requires purpose-built trucks. In Alucar, the company found a supplier that does everything right from start to finish.

THE CUSTOMER relationship between Alucar and Lars Persson Åkeri started at a trade fair in 2017. Lars Persson Åkeri operates in Rumskulla, Småland in Sweden. Olof Svensson, their driver, had heard about Alucar before and, at the trade fair, he began throwing ideas around with Alucar dealer Thomas Partanen. The conversation led to close cooperation and, three years later, Alucar has supplied the company with a total of six trucks.

Owned by brothers Fredrik and Johan Persson, Lars Persson Åkeri specialises in the transport of power and telephone poles, which places very specific demands on their trucks. The poles may be as long as 20 metres, which is considerably longer than normal logging loads.
The first truck Alucar built for this transport company was a relatively traditional logging truck, although a little longer than normal. The trucks following that have had more and more special solutions applied to them.

THESE projects are both challenging and fascinating for us. For example, the entire truck tractor vehicle is designed around the crane. This has brought us new expertise and expanded our range of Made in Maxmo trucks built at our factory,” Thomas says.

“Our collaboration has run very smoothly right from the start. I have never been involved in a project before where all works out right from the start with the first superstructure built,” Fredrik Persson says.

Olof Svensson agrees:
“It’s very easy to work together with the people from Alucar. We have never worked with such a committed supplier who listens so carefully to what we want,” Olof says.

THE SECRET to this excellent cooperation lies in WhatsApp communications within a group that includes the persons in charge of the planning, design and building stages. This allows the customer to participate as if they were in the factory, although their truck is being prepared geographically far away.

“We send photos as often as possible so that the customer can follow the building process,” Thomas explains.

Olof Svensson has been involved in the planning of all his trucks and is very satisfied with this teamwork. “We’ll get it done’ is what they always say. I would choose Alucar every day of the week; they always do everything they can to make the customer happy. “We keep in close contact throughout the process. There have never been any nasty surprises with the completed trucks – they always meet our expectations 100 per cent. The best thing about Alucar is their attitude towards the customer’s wishes.” Svensson concludes.

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