Pallet Mill in Balcas

The hard work and dedication of the Pallet Mill Team in Balcas, has in just one week seen output of enough components to construct nearly 30,000 pallets.

Or to picture it another way, that’s 22 miles of pallets, laid out end to end would stretch from our plant in Killadeas, all the way to Omagh!

Those pallets are being used to ship vital products such as: ventilators, saline solution used in IV drips, medical equipment and devices for hospitals. PPE, glass & plastic bottles and dispensers, hand sanitizer, food such as milk powder, infant formula, nutrition formula for use in hospitals and residential homes. They are transporting cheese, bread, fruit and veg, meat, beverages, all manner of household and veterinary products to name just a few.

We are very proud of all our employees, each of whom are playing their own part in the distribution of critical emergency and food supplies as well as vital heat supply.

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