Updated Rottne H8D Thinning Harvester


Rottne H8D is a small and versatile harvester with unique characteristics including exact tracking, swing arms on the wheels, variable transmission and automatic anti-spin. This makes it very easy-to-operate with minimum space requirements, providing the conditions for smooth and fluent thinning and an undamaged stand as well as high productivity.

This is an ideal harvester for stand-operating thinning and with various working route system options it can handle strip road distances without manual intermediate zone felling.

Since Rottne H8D works inside the stand, it’s easier for the operator to decide which trees need to be thinned as it is never more than 6–7 metres to the trees. This means more uniform thinning extraction, which gives both greater volume and added value and probably also a less storm sensitive stand.

The machine is powered by a Stage V John Deere diesel engine that comfortably fulfills applicable emission requirements for current diesel engines.

Improvements and new features:

  • Variable transmission with anti-spin
  • Lower noise level
  • Improved hose routing
  • New oil cooling
  • New hose routing and new cylinders on Rottne EGS406
  • Stage V engine with reversible fan
  • Electrically operated cab-tilt and engine hood
  • Larger fuel tank (one tank instead of two as on H8B)
  • Reinforced crane with new hose routing
  • Large water tank for the stump spray application

Rottne Industri is the fourth largest manufacturer and supplier of powerful, wheeled forestry machines designed for the cut-to-length method. This is something we take pride in. From our factories, approximately 200 state-of-the-art and robust harvesters and forwarders are delivered each year to four continents.

Rottne Industri is a fully Swedish company with all production within Sweden’s borders. With our sights set on growth, we are well equipped for the future thanks to a dedicated staff and one of the world’s best forestry machinery programs.

Our dealer network is available both throughout Sweden and abroad. We have annual sales of approximately SEK 550 million and have about 270 employees at the factories in Rottne, Lenhovda and Stensele.

Almost half of our production is exported to Europe, Russia and North America. The main office is located in scenic Rottne in Sweden’s Småland district.

Behind every detail of our machines is an idea; how can we make an already good thing better? It is all about the will to develop and think outside the box. Our forwarders and harvesters are not just machines, they are workplaces. You should have a comfortable workplace even during the last hour of a shift. It should be easy to perform service or replace parts.

Operator comfort and ease of service will always be important key words for us.


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