Volvo Penta and Aiab Energy to expand collaboration

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16th February 2024
Volvo Penta will provide an optimized BESS subsystem for Aiab Energy’s future BESS solutions.

Volvo Penta and Aiab Energy to expand collaboration into BESS solution

Volvo Penta and Swedish backup power solutions company Aiab Energy are strengthening their collaboration to provide an integrated battery energy storage solution that meets the specific needs of Aiab Energy’s customers, while contributing to a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

Volvo Penta will supply Aiab Energy with a high-performance BESS subsystem, comprised in part of energy-dense battery systems with optimized C-rates tailored for industrial use, enabling rapid charging and discharging. These battery systems, which originate from the Volvo Group’s electrification platform, are used in heavy-duty applications such as electrified trucks, buses and construction equipment. The subsystem is aimed at securing a dependable and responsive power supply, aligning perfectly with the uptime and reliability demands of Aiab Energy’s customers.

From left: Jakob Sandwall, CEO Aiab Energy, Tomas Persson, Marketing and Sales Manager Aiab Energy, Marcus Olsén, Area Sales Manager Nordics Volvo Penta, and David Hamilton, Director Industrial Sales at Volvo Penta.

Aiab Energy, a noted Swedish backup power solutions company with a robust Nordic supply chain, has been a valued Volvo Penta customer for nearly 40 years. This partnership centers on Volvo Penta’s commitment to deliver efficient and high-performance D8, D13 and D16 power generation engines, tailored to meet Aiab Energy’s needs. Aiab Energy primarily serves Swedish government entities, including hospitals and municipalities, as well as defense organizations and critical infrastructure. These sectors rely on Aiab Energy’s reliable standby and prime power solutions, where dependability is key.

BESS will play an increasingly pivotal role in modern society, offering sustainable and versatile means of storing energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind, enabling more efficient use of these resources and enhancing critical infrastructure. “By investing in BESS technology, Aiab Energy is not only advancing its capabilities but will also contribute to a cleaner, more resilient energy future,” says Jakob Sandwall, CEO of Aiab Energy. “We’ve got a good history working with Volvo Penta, they are committed to supplying us and our customers with reliable and secure power solutions. Being part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Penta has access to a robust supply chain and excellent aftermarket support, which is essential in our commitment to our clients.”


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Both Volvo Penta and Aiab Energy look forward to shaping the future of BESS. “As the energy landscape evolves, we remain dedicated to supporting our customers in navigating the energy transition,” concludes Marcus Olsén, Volvo Penta Area Sales Manager for the Nordics. “Our collaboration with Aiab Energy underscores our commitment to providing top-tier solutions and showing up as a trusted partner in helping our customers move towards a more sustainable power generation segment.”

Volvo Penta and Aiab Energy will showcase a BESS prototype equipped with Volvo Penta’s subsystem at Eliaden, from May 28th-30th on Stand C01-42.

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