The forestry industry has undergone a tremendous development where larger and stronger machines place higher demands on rotators functionality. Indexator continues to contribute to increased productivity and presents tomorrow’s more powerful harvest rotators that can cope with greater loads and provide more flexible work. The low profile HX is loaded with a multitude of advantages which combine to make the machine, driver and head work efficiently – quickly and with versatility. Day in, day out. All year round.

New technology – Increased profitability

Our foremost materials experts, designers and production engineers are busy shaping the future today. But one unique technical solution opens up new capabilities and helps increase productivity. We are talking about a design where external loads are transferred through the outermost part of the rotator completely separate from the motor function. This significantly extends the rotator’s service life and makes machine ownership more profitable.

With our new patented technology, we’re taking a step into the future. The new generation of Indexator rotators can handle radial and axial loads where the forces do not affect the motor. Importantly, it withstands negative loads extremely well. The modular design simplifies service and maintenance.

Patented technology

Unlike today’s rotator solutions, the new patented design, the torque transfer solution, means that external loads go outside the engine and protect it from external forces. The new technology significantly extends the service life of the rotator, and makes forestry more profitable.

Indexator’s well-proven vane motor principle delivers high torque while at the same time being forgiving for forced rotation and large slewing mass, which increases the service life of the rotator.

HX rotators are optimally designed to handle very large loads within the forestry industry. Regardless of the direction the force comes from, the low profile HX rotators are very durable and reliable with a long service life.

The same interface as used in today’s rotators. Together with the Indexator’s MPB swing damper, it is the perfect solution for the strongest machines in the forest.

Smarter technology. Increased productivity.

  • Longer service life
  • Handles major radial and axial forces
  • Powerful bearings
  • Copes with negative loads
  • Same interface as today’s rotators from Indexator
  • Easy to service
  • Better total economy

HX 20 LS

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HX 30 LS

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