Husqvarna has poured more than 60 years of experience and knowledge into a saw chain that will perform optimally and deliver a cutting experience few can match.

A full chisel 3/8” chain with a 1.5mm gauge for professional use – the design philosophy behind the X-Cut C85 was to deliver maximum performance with the minimum of effort from the operator.

The X-Cut C85 is a low-vibration pixel saw chain that cuts a narrow kerf and requires less power from the saw, improving energy efficiency. With its premium heat treatment, it stays sharp for longer, so the operator gets more cubic metres of cutting performance every day.

Tested extensively for performance by the Husqvarna R&D team before being released to market, each part of the X-Cut C85 is checked before the chain is assembled.

It is then pre-stretched before packaging, so it’s ready to go when you are.

The X-Cut C85 offers best-in-class performance in three critical areas: with optimal cutting efficiency and less maintenance required, it saves time and fuel.

Superior materials mean it stays sharper for longer, with longer intervals between filing. Finally, it is pre-stretched, offering a shorter break-in time, fewer adjustments and reduced risk of equipment damage.

Other features include a golden tie strap for quick filing; a low vibe tie strap for improved ergonomics and precision cuts; and a lubrication arrow and channel on the drive link for easy lubrication – reducing friction and fuel use.

The X-Cut C85 is available from Husqvarna’s extensive dealer network.

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