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About Forest Machine Services Ltd

Forest Machine Services Ltd is a business that offers both high quality products and services to customers who appreciate value for money.  For over 18 years we have been converting excavators for harvesting timber throughout the UK and Ireland. Most conversions have been put into service fitted with AFM harvest roller heads along with our very own FMS 575 Stroke head. Our in-house knowledge of excavators allows us to efficiently convert and prepare machines to work effectively in the most arduous of conditions and for many years.

FMS 575 Stroke Head for the 24 Days Of Christmas - day ?

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As well as harvesting conversions, we also offer a variation of winching systems for extracting with excavators. We can supply boom mounted configurations to various sizes of machines. A single winch unit mounted to the excavator boom allows for simple straight line pull winching. Hydraulically powered and electronically controlled with either cab operated or with both cab and full remote winch control. The double winch unit which offers synchronised high-lead operations, again has options on the type of control systems for more efficient logging operations.

For both harvesting and forwarding operations we offer a constant pull winch where tethering is a requirement on steep or slippery working conditions. We install the Franz Hotchleitner constant pull traction winch which offers a constant load infinitely variable between 1 and 11 tonnes. The winch unit is mounted to an excavator (best matched to a machine in the order of 22 tonnes). The unit is a very compact and mounts to the upper side of the boom alongside the cab with the cable running through the main arm. The excavator requires a very small number of modifications to accept the system and the mounted system in no way impairs the machine from undertaking it’s normal duties as an excavator. So, as well as being able to assist with harvesting and extraction, the machine can still perform ditching, road making/repairs whilst on site. A simple remote-control panel easily moves between machines during tethering operations.

As well as excavator winches, we also offer tractor winches, most notably the Uniforest range (3 point linkage) and Guerra front mounted hydraulic winches acting as recovery and assist winches.

FMS 24 Days Of Christmas - day ?
9T winch fitted to front blade on 8T excavator
9T winch fitted to front blade on 8T excavator
Guerra trailer for the 24 Days Of Christmas - day ?

For a high quality and rugged forwarding trailers, we offer the Spanish built Guerra trailers. Guerra trailers’ philosophy is based around 3 important points. 1) A strong rigid design built to last enduring years 2) Powered transmissions with brakes that equal purpose-built forwarders traction and torque 3) Cranes with performance to exceed most expectations.

Guerra trailer
Guerra trailer

We are also the dealer in the North of England for Fuelwood products and services. We can supply and support firewood equipment such as Fuelwoods own brands (Kindlet & Transaw), Uniforest, Japa and AMR.

We have design and manufacturing capability at our facility. Over the years we have helped customers realise their ideas of developing and mechanising operations which save them time and money. We are always interested to assist where we can. In large, we have great capability based on our work force and the vast experience within the team. Not all the team has full forestry heritage experience, but some come from farming, fabrication and design backgrounds in other industries helps with ideas and solutions. We also welcome training programmes for our employees which increases skills and knowledge.

Even though we end on the note of Aftersales, we understand it is a fundamental requirement to be able to offer after sales service for all equipment we manufacture and sell. From being able to supply parts within a 48hr window or less is crucial, along with support for troubleshooting failures. Having an in-depth knowledge of the machines we service, and repair makes for efficient and timely repairs when they occur.

Day 15 – 24 Days Of Christmas Giveaway

Remember to like and share this post on Facebook or Instagram to be in with a chance of winning a sweatshirt, polo shirt, beanie or baseball hat.

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