Day 19 - 24 Days Of Christmas

Day 19 – TMK Tree Shear

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About TMK Tree Shear


About two years ago I wrote here in Forest Machine Magazine an article about the growth of TMK and the upcoming factory project. Little did I know that the two years after that were going to be as crazy as they have been! Here is a short insight from my point of vie on what we have learned at TMK during the last two years.

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The factory was finished in November 2019 and we had the grand opening where many of our valued
importers were able to come and celebrate with us. Looking back at it now, I believe it’s safe to say
that our extremely quick pace with the building project saved our company. The whole factory project
took a total of 36 weeks from the launch to the grand opening!




In march 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit the
news also in Europe and USA and everything went
into lockdown. This was felt at TMK’s order charts
immediately and if the building project would have
been behind the schedule for even two months, it
would have crippled TMK’s cash flow completely.

It was a very rough spring 2020 as it was, but it would have been disastrous if there would not have been few months of solid production from our own facilities with a better profit margin. It’s said that the life is a competition of the fastest, and in this particular case, it was just that!

Everything had changed all of a sudden. Where we used to have been just trying to find the time to act on every possible impulse coming from our beloved customers, now we suddenly found ourselves sitting at our desks wondering what to do now. The TMK team is not known to sit idle and just scratch their heads, and they didn’t do that this time either. Even with the tough financial situation, the team rallied up and we focused our efforts into tasks that were impossible to do before due to the high amount of new orders, dealership negotiations and developing the products based on the customer feedback as quickly as possible.

Now we had the time to invent something totally new. Both product wise and behind the scenes. The fruits of this labour are now seen in the form of the TMK MultiGrab family. And I hope that also our valued importers have noticed our efforts to try and ease their job to serve the end customers as well as possible!

TMK Multigrab family on the 24 Days Of Christmas - Day 19
Robert and Tony of TMK Tree Shears on the 24 Days Of Christmas - Day 19

It is extremely rewarding to see the whole TMK team to grow and nourish and especially I’m proud to see Robert’s progress at our company. He started with us on winter 2019, right in the beginning of the factory project, and within these a bit over 2,5 years he has grown into a crucial piece of TMK’s day to day operations. He has now took over my job as an Export Manager, and it was time for me to look for other things to do. Luckily for me, the work never seems to end at TMK, and now it’s time for me to focus more on the development of the company.

Our roots are deep in the contracting background and our CEO, my father, Tenho is still enjoying getting his hands dirty. If a week passes where he hasn’t been able to put his hands into grease and either operate the excavator, or build new prototypes, it has been a week wasted in his opinion. So now my job is to ensure that we don’t forget where we came from and to try and maintain the good spirit among the whole extended TMK family, starting from our employees and going through the importers and dealers all the way to the end customers.

I believe that if we work hard and share the knowledge among us, we will keep on going forward also in the future.


24 Days Of Christmas - Day 19
24 Days Of Christmas - Day 19
CEO Tenho Koponen still enjoys getting his hands dirty

Day 19 – 24 Days Of Christmas

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