Day 8 - 24 Days Of Christmas Giveaway.

Day 8 – Fuelwood

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About Fuelwood


Fuelwood design, manufacture, distribute and service their own brand of professional machinery for the high volume production of kindling and firewood including:- KindlaTM, KindletTM, Kindlet ProTM, SplittaTM, Transaw 350 XLTM and the flagship Fuelwood FactoryTM have been developed for niche UK markets. Fuelwood’s reputation for manufacturing quality products has meant export sales around the world have grown rapidly.

Fuelwood is unique. The only supplier of a range of Forestry machinery and equipment who can design, test, develop, demonstrate, manufacture, service and sell all at the same site. Because of this range of expertise, Fuelwood’s customers return for support and backup many years after purchasing.

Kindlet 200

The Kindlet 200 will take 6 inch long rings, half rounds, or boards and produce up to 90 nets of kindling per hour. With the option to loose fill or tightly pack the nets, and with tractor hydraulic or PTO and 240 Volt or 3 phase electric power options, there is a Kindlet 200 for any set up.

Kindlet PRO

The Kindlet PRO is for production of Kindling on a huge scale. With settings to produce 6, 8 or 10 inch long kindling, from rings, half rounds or square timber up to a height of 10 inches, it’s ability to produce longer sticks, also makes the PRO the most popular machine for the European market. Capable of producing up to 150 bags per hour, the rapid cycle time and various bagging options make this a serious kindling producer.

FUELWOOD – Splitta 400

The Splitta 400 will take 16 inch diameter hardwood and softwood rings, or larger rings split to sections below 16 inch in height, and can process these into oversize logs, normal size logs, small logs, pizza oven logs, large kindling, normal kindling or small kindling…. This is achieved by being able to infinitely adjust the distance the infeed belt moves in between splits.

Available with bulk outfeed chute to drop into a conveyor, or a manual bagging chute to bag

directly off the machine, the Splitta 400 can fulfil all your log and kindling production requirements. The uniform shape and the quality of the logs produced by Splitta 400 are second to none. Fuelwood’s demonstrator Splitta 400 is also available to hire on a weekly basis.

The Transaw 350 XLS circular saw firewood processor has a host of features making this one of the fastest (if not the fastest) machines on the market for processing logs from timber up to 14 inches in diameter with 15
tonnes of splitting force!

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Transaw has been designed with British timber in mind, with a huge infeed area allowing for

twisted logs. The transfer tray ensures that even shorter rings roll into the splitting chamber without toppling, and the hydraulically adjustable 0,2,4,6 way or 0,2,4,8 way splitting knives that can be effortlessly positioned at the optimum position for each log, or parked out of the way without being removed, when cutting smaller diameter logs that don’t need splitting or cutting rings for kindling machines.

Capable of producing in excess of 19 cubic metres per hour, the Transaw 350 XLS has a 3 position slewing conveyor to move the enormous quantity of finished product away from the splitting knife.

Fuelwood Factory

Fuelwood Factory is a combination of Woodcutta 400 and either Kindlet Pro or Splitta 400 to create a fully automated, radio controlled arrangement for converting timber lengths into split logs or kindling.

Woodcutta 400 converts the timber into cut rings using a hydraulic chainsaw, then transfers them to the Kindlet Pro or Splitta option. The rings are converted to a split product of consistent sectional size, regardless of the ring diameter. The sectional size can be easily and quickly adjusted from log to kindling sizes. The product is then presented for bulk loading or for bagging into net bags. Working at optimum timber Ø 40cm the machine is capable of producing 13 solid m² per hour.

Fuelwood Kindlet
Fuelwood Splitta
Day 8 - 24 Days Of Christmas Giveaway
Day 8 - 24 Days Of Christmas Giveaway

Fuelwood also supply Forestry & Firewood machines from AMR, Heizohack, Uniforest, Japa, FTG Moheda, FTG Mowi, Avestavagnen, Plaisance, Mecanil, Black Splitter, Exac-one and Gros.

Day 8 – 24 Days Of Christmas

Remember to like and share this post on Facebook or Instagram to be in with a chance of winning a Sweatshirt, polo shirt, t-shirt, beanie and LED baseball cap.

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