Eco Log and Gremo become one

Eco Log and Gremo are now planning for a common future as a strong and comprehensive operator in the forest machine business. A first step has been taken as an Intent of Merger has been signed to move the production of Gremo machines to the Eco Log Factory in Söderhamn – a move that is planned for Summer 2020.

Eco Log CEO, Anders Gustafson, sees big potential in a merger that is completely in line with the company‘s strategy of growth and, above all, a positive development for existing as well as new customers to both Eco Log and Gremo.

-Our customers are what is most important to us and I am certain they will benefit from this merger. We will be able to offer a complete range of forwarders and harvesters, from small to big, with capacity and benefits suited for any job or any terrain that our customers work in daily. The extended machine range and a more efficient After-Sales organization, with an even higher service level than before, will be a positive development to both Eco Log and Gremo customers, says Mr. Anders Gustafson.

A merger of the two companies results in a range of forwarders from 7.5 to 20 tonnes which meets the varied demands and needs of the market. Also, the already wide range of Eco Log harvesters are now complemented with a smaller 8-wheeled harvester that enables an environmently friendly and sustainable forestry – even in highly sensitive terrain.

The collaboration of Eco Log and Gremo is no news and to Martin Bredenfeldt, Gremo CEO, the upcoming merger is a natural development going forward.

-Our two companies have good prerequisites for becoming stronger and more efficient together as we complement each other in both range as well as working manner. Gremo and Eco Log also have had a well-working collaboration since many years back in different areas – procurement as one example. To be a part of the same organization is therefore very positive, says Mr. Martin Bredenfeldt.

Facts of the merger

  • An Intent of Merger has been signed by Eco Log and Gremo.
  • From Summer 2020 all machines will be produced in the Eco Log Factory in Söderhamn.
  • All sales will be handled by the Eco Log organization from Summer 2020.
  • Gremo Maskin Service (GMS) will continue as a service provider in the Gremo Factory in Ätran.

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