In the June issue of Forest Machine Magazine read about the first UK trials that we carried out with the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid/TH75 supplied by RJ Fukes Forestry Services.

Our harvester tester, Peter Williamson, parked up his John Deere 1470G/H415 to spend two weeks operating the Logset on a steep and difficult harvesting site in Dumfries and Galloway. It was an excellent site for our trials as it was both steep and awkward; the ploughing didn’t follow the contours of the hillside so extra care had to be taken when harvesting on the steeper sections. There was 20,000m³ of Sitka Spruce with pockets of infected Larch to be harvested on this clear fell, the average tree size was 0.7m³.

The Logset 12H GTE Hybrid can deliver up to 510hp with its 300hp AGCO 7. 4ltr diesel engine and 210hp of hybrid power while generating enormous torque of 2,000Nm. It has a double circuit hydraulic system with two 210 cc work pumps. The double circuit hydraulics guarantees sufficient hydraulic oil flow for processing heavy and difficult timber, even when the crane is used during feeding.

The transmission is controlled and optimized by the TOC 2 control system. The combination of reliable NAF-bogies, both in the front and back and a powerful frame lock system which uses large hydraulic cylinders ensures excellent stability. Hydraulically balanced front bogies are available as optional equipment.

The heavy-duty Mesera 285H parallel crane has an optimal boom geometry for clear felling and very heavy timber. The low column construction and the narrow boom give good visibility from the cabin to the working area.

The hybrid system uses electricity to generate power and electrical energy is known to be green and environmentally friendly. The lower fuel consumption and stable engine performance means that there are less harmful exhaust gases emitted.

Peter will be delivering an honest and unbiased report from the hot seat of  the “Worlds Most Powerful Harvester.”

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