Eco Log

Eco Log produces high-efficiency Forest machines for sustainable forestry. By their ability to adapt to the terrain, the machines allow their operator to be in full control regardless of ground conditions. Through exceptional ground-clearance, reliability, serviceability and a powerful harvester-crane you control your destiny to high productivity and a profitable total cost of ownership. 

Today their are about 140 employees at Eco Log who work to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Their designers, fitters, service technicians and sales staff are in constant contact to continually improve and develop their products. This means that you as a customer always receive absolute world class products.

Eco Log boasts a long history. The name itself has been around for a decade, but the factory is much older than that. Ever since 1965, Söderhamn has been the manufacturing centre for forestry machines, when Kockum started production in the premises.

The origin of today’s Eco Log products is Skogsjan and the so-called “Spider Machine” which was launched in 1986. With its hydraulic wheeled-engine mounted on pendulum arms, the Spider Machine revolutionized how machines got through the forest.

Since then, a lot has happened. During periods of ownership under the likes of Caterpillar and Log Max, the company took important strategic decisions and, for some time now Eco Log has had a new strong owner with the ambition to make the company grow globally.