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Forestry Finance – Companies invest large sums of money in order to keep their businesses running. In an ideal world there would always be enough money coming in from services to pay for daily operations. Because this is not always the case and it is not feasible to spend money extravagantly it has made finance become one of the most important aspect of a business.

Fortunately purchasing forestry equipment is no longer the minefield it was in the 80’s and 90’s. Forestry is a highly competitive industry and good reliable equipment can be the difference between making a profit or a loss. It is refreshing to see that present day dealers offer expert advice so you get the correct equipment for the type of work you are carrying out. These companies also stand behind and guarantee the new and used equipment they sell.

Due to the high initial outlay, financing this equipment is often the only alternative. It is good to know that the forestry finance companies and brokers have your interests at heart. Companies and brokers offering to finance this equipment do their utmost to get you the lowest interest rate possible and make sure that you are in a position to make the repayments on the purchase you are looking at.

In this article we have included information and contact details for some of the companies who could assist you with your next purchase.

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Deutsche Leasing (UK) Limited

In recent years there has been a significant growth in the use of more alternative forms of business finance to acquire high-value equipment and let’s face it, harvesters and forwarders definitely quality as ‘high value’! Particularly with SME’s, using asset finance instead of purchasing equipment outright has grown significantly.

Among these, asset finance has probably become the most prevalent. This year, even in these Covid-19 challenged times, asset finance companies like Deutsche Leasing will deliver more than £32 billion to UK businesses. The reason for this is that investing in the assets and equipment you need to drive your business forwards is vital yet increasingly capital hungry. ‘Asset finance’, which uses the equipment you need as the primary security for the lending, is an increasingly effective part of how to fund your business.

A key advantage of Asset Finance is that it leaves your traditional lending and working capital lines available whilst still letting you acquire the latest generation harvesters, forwarders and other equipment you need to run your business in an ever more competitive environment. Your company could access a competitive advantage by acquiring the latest generation harvesters and forwarders and their technological upgrades, yet spread the cost of the machines over their working life. There are also potential tax benefits possible depending on your situation.

Asset finance comes in many forms.

Hire Purchase, that delivers ownership when all payments due including a small option fee at the end have been made. You can choose to reduce your monthly payments by paying a larger deposit or by opting for a ‘balloon payment’ at the end of the agreement.

Leasing, where ownership stays with the finance company and you simply pay for the use of the asset over the agreed period. At the end of the agreement, you sell it to a third party on our behalf and you receive a fixed percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the machine as a ‘rebate of rentals’.

It is even possible for the finance company to take the risk of what the machines you need today will be worth when you come to sell them in the future away from you by using a ‘residual value’. This approach means you can acquire the latest generation forestry machines now and the rentals you pay during the finance agreement are set according to the asset’s anticipated future value as judged by the finance company.

Depending on your circumstances, a forestry specialist like Deutsche Leasing can even provide an asset finance solution that can work with the complexities and rules of Government Grants when they are available to you.

So, with all the asset finance options available to you it is important that you work with an asset finance company that really knows and understands the sector. A long term forestry sector specialist such as Deutsche Leasing.

Working with people that truly know what drives the financial performance of your forestry business, understand how you use the equipment in the forest and how the equipment value depreciates over time means you can get the right asset financing solution for your business. A forestry sector solution.

Deutsche Leasing - Forestry Finance
The Deutsche Leasing team at the John Deere, Perth open day.
The Deutsche Leasing team at the John Deere, Perth open day.

Eagle Asset Finance Ltd

We are a family business set up in 1999 to offer a professional asset finance service which is predominately aimed at the forestry sector. As finance brokers, fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we offer hire purchase and leasing services to a wide range of customers. With an extensive knowledge of both forestry sector assets and suppliers, coupled with many years’ experience in asset finance, we aim to offer the best service possible. Rather than phone a lender, or broker, who provides finance to all sectors and has a vague knowledge of the asset you want to finance it pays to speak to someone who not only “speaks the same language” but also understands the nuances of the forestry sector. Repeat business is always a priority therefore our aim is to provide a competitive, efficient and professional service to you. Meeting and getting to know our customers is key and being more than “a voice at the end of a phone” has resulted in countless valued customers remaining loyal for many years. This is only made possible by constantly maintaining high service levels and keeping customers satisfied.

Whether you are considering starting up, are expanding your business or just want advice Eagle Asset Finance Ltd are here to help. We can finance most assets i.e., harvesters, forwarders, chippers, harvadigs, biomass boilers etc. The age of the asset is not too critical as the correct asset value and the repayment period not exceeding the assets’ life are more important. We can provide finance for assets from £5K upwards and we regularly finance new machines costing in excess of £400K and everything in-between. We specialise in packaging deals to suit you and aim to arrive at a solution that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Even if you are buying from another contractor or buying a machine from overseas, we can assist. It doesn’t just stop with providing the finance we are also there to help if you ever get into difficulty too. By negotiating with lenders, we aim to arrive at a workable solution to get you through any difficulties you may face. Organising settlement figures and sorting out any of your accountants’ queries are all part of the service too.

When it comes to selling your machines, we offer customers a free advertising service on Mascus and we then identify any potential buyers before pointing them in your direction to negotiate the sale. Wherever possible we would then assist the buyer with finance for your machine. Advertising your machine on our Facebook page, on Twitter and in the Forestry Machine Magazine are all part of the service too. As an added incentive to existing customers who refer potential customers to us, who then subsequently take out finance, we reward them with £100 in One4all vouchers as a thank you.

If you have any buying plans or need some advice then please contact Stephen Clark on 07967 588739

Eagle Asset Finance - Forestry Finance
Stephen Clark of Eagle Asset Finance
Stephen Clark

Green Business Finance


Based in Scotland, Green Business Finance was set up to help and ‘enable’ UK SME & owner operator businesses access finance & funding for the purposes of purchasing machinery & equipment. With 30+ years of experience in the finance industry, Director James Waterson, helps customers realise income opportunity and their potential. Always working with a select & trusted panel of funders we understand what is business critical & the importance around ‘certainty’ of funding. James is keen to point out that his approach is with an eye on sustainability & consideration for a business and its environmental impact.

At GBF we are keen to understand what is driving the business to invest in a machine and a full understanding of what benefits it will deliver: reduced operating costs, faster production & greater efficiency? What is the operating environment and what kind of work is being contracted? Taking this approach and having a full appreciation of the decision to buy, leads to better outcomes i.e. a funding solution with a provider who understands the business, its operating model and rationale behind the investment.

This approach and a commitment to good customer service led James to a discussion with Scott Burton of SB Forestry based in the Scottish Borders. “Our view on customer service and approach are the same” says James. Scott is the UK agent and distributor for Swedish forestry machine manufacturer Eco Log. GBF & SB Forestry work with customers to help them realise income opportunity on a sustainable and responsible basis. Eco Log machines work according to a ‘cut to length’ method, an approach that helps generate less emissions & a lower environmental impact. Their engines are fuel-efficient, not only lowering operating costs, but meeting the industry’s tough emissions standards.

James has assisted Scott and his customers buying new & used machines, many of which are for estates and thinning work where there is a significant consideration around low environmental impact and operational footprint. Just like Eco Log with their innovation and development of forestry machines, GBF and SB Forestry are committed to contribute to a long term and sustainable forestry industry.

Green Business Finance has forestry customers across the UK from Devon to the Scottish Isles and believes in great customer service through customer visits and a personable approach. That customer service stretches beyond that of the initial machine purchase, looking to develop long term relationships geared around each business, its needs now and for the future. GBF has secured the right funding solutions for many UK forestry businesses from ‘start-up’ operators with new contracts to established and larger forestry customers renewing their fleets. We are aware of grant aided and regional support schemes to help the industry. We also assist with stage payment funding, refinance and access to funding for any number of specific requirements like commercial loans, stock and property or land.

For securing finance to meet your sustainable business needs, James can be contacted on 07972 175980 or by email

To view and speak to Scott Burton about the Eco Log range of forestry machines call 07795 438341

Green Business Finance - Forestry Finance
James Waterson of Green Business Finance
James Waterson
James Waterson & SB Forestry at the Game Fair 2021
James Waterson & SB Forestry at the Game Fair 2021

EFT Finance

EFT Finance is an independent finance brokerage, focused on assisting SMEs across the country and in any industry gain access to the funding they need to grow and expand their business. Whether it is secured lending on hard assets such as plant, machinery or vehicles, soft assets such as garage equipment and agricultural buildings, or unsecured lending for cashflow and expansion, EFT Finance has access to a varied and extensive lending panel allowing us to provide solutions for almost all situations.
EFT Finance was formed in April 2010 as a strategic merger between Scottish broker Asset & General Finance, and two Hitachi Capital senior managers. EFT (Edinburgh Financial Trust) was a brand which was purchased in 1998 by Bank of Scotland and traded as British Linen Asset Finance. It was picked up again by one of the founding directors who was previously a director of the original EFT Finance Limited.

As of 2020 EFT Finance have 6 brokers in Scotland now operating as a standalone entity (EFT Finance North), with two of those having a specific focus on Forestry. We have supported a full range of forestry businesses from new starts all the way through to well established operations in purchasing all types of assets from vans and pickups all the way through to harvesters and forwarders.

Our existing client base in forestry covers all connected industries including timber

haulage, ground preparation, arboriculture and harvesting contractors. For help and advice on any funding requirement,
please contact either of our forestry specialists Gordon or Mark
on the details below.
Office: 01764 660777 ¦
Gordon Larson: 07825 664021 ¦
Mark McArthur: 07989 559774 ¦

EFT Finance - Forestry Finance
Gordon Larson of EFT Finance
Gordon Larson

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