H. Norgrens Entreprenad AB

Together with his five employees, Henrik Norgren works the southern forests of Hälsingland in central Sweden – from Edsbyn in the west to Söderhamn in the east. His company, H. Norgrens Entreprenad AB, conducts assignments on behalf of the forest owners association Mellanskog and currently has four Eco Log machines harvesting in two teams. The fleet is comprised of two 560E harvesters, a 574C forwarder, and a 574F forwarder, the latter the latest addition and one of the first of its kind in Sweden.

 The company’s choice of Eco Log machines is due in part to its proximity to the factory and service workshop in Söderhamn. However, the machines also have several strengths and, together with the heads from Log Max with multi-tree handling, they provide a solid foundation for high productivity, according to Henrik.

“The pendulum technology is a strength that offers both great stability and high mobility once mastered. What’s more, the machines have an extremely powerful crane that, in combination with the multi-tree handling, both increases production and enables us to simplify our forwarding work by moving the stems and placing them in neat piles,” Henrik explains.

For Henrik, it’s important to run his company such that his employees can achieve a better work–life balance. This is why in recent years he’s switched to single rather than double shifts, hoping that this improves job satisfaction and encourages employees to remain.

 One of his employees, Jimmy Gustavsson, moved home to Hälsingland in November, having worked as an excavator operator in Stockholm.

“I got the chance to work for Henrik, and it feels great to be working in the forest operating quality machines. You also get to see a lot of animals, which is also very cool. So yes, I’m really happy here,” says Jimmy.

 Today, Jimmy is operating the new 574F forwarder, which the company has had for a couple of months now.

“I find the machine incredibly powerful and agile in the forest. Both the machine itself and the crane are powerful, and you can almost fill the entire grapple at full reach without the machine starting to tilt. So, it feels really safe,” concludes Jimmy.


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