John Deere is launching redesigned jib boom options equipped with a hidden hose extension for forwarders with CF5, CF7 and CF7S booms.

The redesigned jib booms bring a clear improvement in usability, durability and serviceability.

The new XI-designated hidden hose extensions will be an available option for the John Deere 910G, 1010G, 1110G, 1210G and 1510G forwarders during spring 2021.

Improved durability, usability and productivity. The new jig boom is more robust, the extension is stronger, and the routing of the hoses has been redesigned, taking better account of both the durability and changeability of the hoses as well as the usability of the boom.

The redesigned routing of the hoses between the lifting and jib boom and the inside the extension packs protect the hoses from damage. The improved geometry and the more balanced ratio between the lifting and jib boom makes the boom’s trajectories and operation smoother, thereby improving productivity.

With the new John Deere XI hidden hose extensions, the reach of the boom is 9.8 m. 90% of the forwarders delivered are equipped with IBC. The machines equipped with IBC include an optional work light located under the jib boom for better visibility to the boom tip in the dark. Servicing made easy The improved hose routing inside the boom increases the durability of the hoses and makes hose replacement easier.

The slide bearing at the rear end of the extension can now be lubricated without removing the covers. Also the extension chain can be adjusted without disassembling parts and removing the covers.

The adjustable boom support is also new and makes for easier switching to the transport position. In addition to the hidden hose extensions, a stronger Indexator GV12-2S link is also available.

The base plate of the stronger link is now made from steel rather than cast iron.

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