This rare item is for sale but any information you have regarding the history of these saws would be very welcome

“Rare and in excellent condition. TELES one man folding cross-cut saw. Dating from 1915-1926, this recently discovered and renovated valuable collectors’ item is now for sale. Email brian@tartanambassador.co.uk for more details and illustrations.”

Some information gathered over the years, if you have any more regarding this folding crosscut saw please contact us

1. jemc6010, 7 years ago
I took this saw to the antique roadshow in 2006 and I stumped them all. I,ve been trying for 12 years to find anything like it
3. jemc6010, 7 years ago
I took it to an amish community and they said they thought it was used to notch logs for log cabins because it has that depth bar that slides up and down.
5. fhrjr2, 7 years ago
I wonder if you could share the distance (picture #1) from the bottom of the top bar to the bottom of the teeth?
6. jemc6010, 7 years ago
The saw is 6 foot long
7. toolate2, 7 years ago
Now that’s crazy! Thanks for sharing it…
8. fhrjr2, 7 years ago
I guess I didn’t word my question right. Thanks for the reply.
9. jemc6010, 7 years ago
the distance between the bottom of the top bar to the bottom of the teeth is about 2 feet
10. TubeAmp, 7 years ago
Looks like a variation of a Drag Saw http://www.americanartifacts.com/smma/dragsaw/ds6.gif
Goerge wrote a great story here: http://www.farmcollector.com/equipment/folding-saw-zm0z12junzbea.aspx#axzz2eE5NN4Sn

His email is on the second page of the story, ask him, I think he will complete the puzzle for you.

11. walksoftly, 7 years ago
If the top bar is a depth stop, why does it open up, kind of defeats the purpose.
In my opinion it looks nothing like a drag saw.
12. jemc6010, 7 years ago
your right I looked up a drag saw and it looks nothing like it
13. TubeAmp, 7 years ago
Go thing no one asked you 😉

Jeme6010: shoot George an email, he lives for these tools, he will explain it better than some that clearly are not mechanically inclined.

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