Pm Trac Generation 36

The Generation 36 is the new series of the pm Trac system tractor. The optics are almost unchanged, but there is a lot of new technology.

A new machine presentation in times of the Corona Pandemic, in which the infection events also makes measuring events impossible, presented us with a challenge. Nevertheless, Pfanzelt wanted to present the new Pm Trac Generation 36 exclusively to customers who have been driving a Pm Trac for many years – sometimes up to 20,000 hours. The theory was not new for all visitors to the one-day performance event. However, experiencing the new vehicle live for the first time was a highlight.

Hans-Jörg Damm, responsible for Pfanzelt Sales in Northern and Central Germany, and Franz Wölfle, responsible for the development of the Pm Trac series, presented a model of the new Pm Trac Generation 36 series in the new exhibition space and explained the differences to the current Pm Trac III. Afterwards, all visitors had the opportunity to test the new Pm Trac on the road as well as to test the crane use at the short wood shop on the Pfanzelt test course.

Pfanzelt presented the Pm Trac to the public in 2004 as the “successor” of the Fendt Xylon, which was converted in large numbers from Pfanzelt into a special forestry tug, at the ZLF – Central Landwirschaftsfest in Munich. The series of the Pm Trac I and II were based on a tug chassis from the large series of CNH.

Pm Trac Generation 36

Only with the presentation of the Pm Trac III was the chassis of the system tug in Rettenbach am Auerberg developed and produced. With Generation 36, Pfanzelt is now continuing along this path. With the new series, Pfanzelt now also uses the in-house variaDRIVE stepless transmission and a rear axle of the tractor made in-house.

Apart from the exhaust, the Pm Trac hardly appears to be changed from the outside. However, a lot has been further developed with the chassis.

The new technology makes the difference:

  • Deutz engine with 180 or 235 hp (6.1 l displacement, maximum torque 1072 Nm at1500 N/Min) with Cleanfix switching fan
  • Fuel tank 380 liters
  • Power-branched, infinitely variable transmission variaDRIVE up to 50 km/h (max. driving speed at lowered engine speed)
  • Hydraulic system with 160 l/min (optional 220 l/min and additional power pack directly at the secondary downforce of the gearbox) at 210 bar
  • New software and touchscreen control terminals for machine control (e.g. presetting of all crane functions and joystick assignments can be stored for three drivers)
  • Etc.

More details about the new Pm Trac will be available soon.

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